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There are two options with all our Training Units.

Tier One – Unit and Assessments only $195 + GST (no marking of the assessments)

Tier Two – Unit, Assessments and the assessments are marked by one of our professional trainers and you will receive comprehensive feedback. $395 +GST. If your assessments are not up to the required level you will be asked to resubmit ‚ ¨ just like you would if completing an Nationally recognised qualification.

If you are interested in enrolling in one of our course please email support@freshtrainingsolutions.com.au with the below details.

Once this is received you will be emailed an invoice which is die in 7 days. Only on submission of the invoice payment will you be enrolled in the course

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Current Courses Available


  • Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching versus mentoring versus training, How and why people learn, Learning preferences, Coaching methods, The GROW model, Giving and receiving feedback and Assessing performance

  • Coping with Workplace Stress

The nature and effects of stress, The causes of excess workplace stress, The symptoms of excess stress, Reasons why stress issues must be addressed, Methods of dealing with stress related problems

  • Time Management

Identification of the ways in which you currently use your time, Understanding of your personal life vision, goals and objectives, The difference between urgent and important tasks Methods of prioritising tasks, Applying a range of time management techniques, Understanding how technology can help you manage time

  • Develop teams and Individuals

Covers the skills and knowledge required to determine individual and team development needs and facilitate the development of the workgroup.

  • Work Effectively with others

Describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to work in a group environment promoting team commitment and cooperation, supporting team members and dealing effectively with issues, problems and conflict

  • Communicate Effectively

The focus of the unit is to establish and maintain interpersonal communication and to derive meaning from a range of oral/ signed texts in familiar and some unfamiliar contexts.

  • Work and Communicate Effectively

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to work and communicate effectively with others in accordance with relevant regulations and workplace procedures. It includes communicating effectively to achieve required outcomes; working with others; communicating using technology; operating a communication system effectively; using appropriate communication protocols when using a system; and maintaining operational status of communication equipment.

  • Communicate in the workplace

Covers the skills and knowledge required to communicate in the workplace. It covers the activities of gathering, conveying and receiving information together with completing routine written correspondence

  • Manage Meetings

Covers managing the preparation of meetings, chairing the meetings, organising the minutes and reporting outcomes.


If a course or topic that you are interest in is not listed above please contact support@freshtrainingsolutions.com.au as we only have a small section of available courses displayed. We can also facilitate onsite workshops – contact us for details.


Job Seekers

For those seeking work we have two courses available at a discounted rate to help you in your journey. Available at Tier two ‚ ¨ Unit, Assessments and the assessments are marked by one of our professional trainers and you will receive comprehensive feedback. $145 +GST.

  • Planning a future Career

The covers the skills and knowledge required in planning for future work or further study.

  • Becoming Job Ready

The focus of this unit is to identify the connection between life skills and employability skills, to research and apply for suitable employment and to evaluate their performance in the job application and interview process.

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