New Year, New Start, New Employees.

New Employee Recruitment – Why getting recruitment right is vital and if you don’t, guess what?

There was the case of the small business that advertised a position for a new receptionist. The appointed interview panel agreed to a points system for assessing the performance of candidates and agreed the post would be offered to whoever achieved the highest score. The interviews went ahead, and the best candidate was agreed. Just the post was offered, the department head decided to give the job to his niece instead. There was a great deal of acrimony and the result was a number of senior personnel handing in their resignation. 

Let us, and you, start on the right track.

New Employee Recruitment. A fresh start for everyone is a good idea, and the New Year is as good a time as any to check you are doing everything right by your employees and by potential employees. 2018 has come – and the year ahead may bring many unexpected things your way: success, opportunity, laughter, lawsuits (we hope not), new premises, a new strategy, an industry award, and new staff. If you are looking for new staff, either replacing those who have left or expanding parts of the business and creating new roles, then Fresh HR Insights can help you.

Fresh HR Insights does not want anyone to get into hot water so early in 2018, so let this New Year be the start of good practice in your workplace.   Recruitment is not easy, but if done properly it will bear you benefits that mean you will avoid the “lawsuits” in the list above!

It is important that you know the law regarding employees and that you recruit fairly and widely, this will help you reach as many of the right people possible for the job. Don’t forget a secretive closed appointment will create suspicion and anger – always be fair and accountable and old and new staff will respect you. 

Remember in August last year, the case of the Railway Union which lost the battle to keep jobs advertised internally? Well we don’t want that happening to your business.  Make sure you advertise externally, as well as internally, and that the details of the job are clear, and that terms are conditions are lawful and appropriate to the job.

Good practice is as important as compliance with the law! When you are shortlisting for interviewing make sure the criteria of selection is fair and if possible involve a panel to oversee the process and to make decisions, then respect what that panel decides!

When you interview, make sure the candidates know what your plan of interview is, how long it will be and with whom they will be interviewing. Make the interview fair to all. When you make your selection, make sure you make a job offer that is as promised within the advert placed at the start of the recruitment.

Fresh HR Insights has a lot of experience in recruiting in small and large businesses and has developed many materials that will inform you. We will hold your hand from start to finish. In the words of Oprah Winfrey:

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right


Recruitment and Selection how to


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