Motivation ‚ ¨ Where does it Come From?


Motivation is a physical basis of psychological phenomena which streams from Biopsychology. There are many reasons for lack of motivation, some as serious as lesions to the frontal lobe in the brain as the result of a bad accident. However for the most part, our motivation comes from our earlier experiences, the overwhelming need and want to do better and be better than we have ever been.

Many years ago, the ideal worker or person in western society was the person who was born into and raised in a higher socioeconomic class (SEC). This person was deemed the most trustworthy, was seen to be the hardest worker at home, in the neighbourhood or in church.

These days most of us know someone who came from nothing and turned it into something. The nothing could be poverty or a lower SEC which sees many children undereducated, unemployed and missing out on many opportunities in life. Others leave behind their families and everything they know to come to our lucky country and start again from scratch in hope of a better life. Think of the young Brazilian man who lost both parents, was depressed but decided to move to Australia despite having no money, no job and not being able to speak English. He was tertiary educated, but because he came from a third world country no one would give him a second look and so, he ended up washing dishes and scrubbing floors for below minimum wage of a 16 year old. His lucky break came when the boss of a labour job he was working in at the time began talking with the man and discovered his intelligence. The young Brazilian man is now in a comfortable role on the Gold Coast and overseas the work of dozens of employees.

Sometimes all a person needs is for one person to believe in them and give them a chance. This unlocks huge amounts of motivation which pushes the individual to new heights. If you are lucky enough to unlock someone’s motivation, the rewarding feeling you will get as well as your behaviour is infectious. Let’s not forget about our good friend karma ‚ ¨ give someone an opportunity and you may just be motivated enough to have one open up to you.


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Written by Simone Ortolani ‚ ¨ Fresh HR Insights