Missing in Action – Managing Employee Absence

What you need to know

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  • Definition of absenteeism and the common causes
  • Checklist on how to mitigate the risk of absenteeism in your business
  • How to implement a plan to deal with absenteeism
  • Introducing flexible working practices
  • Requesting medical information for taking personal leave
  • Taking disciplinary action for absenteeism and the legal risks
  • Step by step guide on how to manage employees who are frequently late or absent from work


Businesses failing to grasp sickie epidemic among workers

AUSSIES are taking off 90 million sick days every year and it is costing us billions. But are we really sick or just a bunch of slackers? People see that they have 10 sick days a year and they feel that they might as well take them,”  “Some people do the right thing and take no sick leave, some people take the full 10 days and a bunch of people take well over that. Read more HERE


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Bonus Fact Sheet

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Absenteeism includes employees;

  • Frequently being late for work
  • Being absent from work for a long period due to long-term illness or injury
  • Taking personal/carer’s leave when they are not entitled to it; or
  • Not meeting the evidence and notice requirements for taking leave

Common Causes of Absence

  • Inability to cope with work;
  • Lack of job satisfaction;
  • Family or household issues;
  • Poor work/ life balance; and
  • Drug or alcohol use