Ten key ‚ ≤C’ words that managers should bear in mind when approaching how they deal with employees

Key words managers need to know_ People Management_Gold Coast



  1. Connect ‚ ¨ good relationships between managers and employees are vital to engagement. Those workers that clash with management as they feel undervalued will never work at their top capacity for the company.
  2. Career ‚ ¨ Workers want to feel like they have the chance to advance their career and want challenging and meaningful work that can help them achieve this. It’s up to the leader not only to find work that challenges employs, but to also instil the confidence in the employee that they can achieve.
  3. Clarity ‚ ¨ Leaders need to have vision and this must be communicated to the employee, who wants to know that he’s working for a progressive company and wnts to fully understand its goals.
  4. Convey ‚ ¨ Good leaders put in place processes and procedures that allow workers to achieve goals. It’s not enough to provide feedback, there must be some facilitation behind driving employees to master tasks and then constructive and encouraging feedback should be given.
  5. Congratulate ‚ ¨ Too many companies are quick to criticise when things go wrong and unwilling to give praise where it’s due. This fosters a negative working culture as everyone needs encouragement and is the sign of a bad leader.
  6. Contribute ‚ ¨ Employees that understand how their work is contributing to the overall company strategy perform better than those who don’t. This means that managers have to communicate why a workers job is important and show them proven results.
  7. Control ‚ ¨ workers like to have control over their own lives, as mentioned earlier on, and this can be achieved by flexible working and consulting them over issues that are relevant to their job. The ability for an employee to voice his ideas and opinions is important to this feeling of control.
  8. Collaborate ‚ ¨ this is something that is seeing a huge rise in popularity within all departments of the enterprise. Team work strengthens relationships with both leaders and colleagues, leading to a happier, more engaged and productive workplace.
  9. Credibility ‚ ¨ People want to be proud of what they do and they want to know that they are working for an ethical and high-performing company.
  10. Confidence ‚ ¨ In order to be proud of the company, an employee has to have confidence is his leaders and the company itself. Scandal, be it of a personal or corporate nature, really tend to damage employee (and consumer) confidence.