How to Manage Stress within the Workforce

Workplace Stress

Stress needs to be considered as a highly important issue


Different industries and different workplaces perceive stress as normality; however stress needs to be considered as a highly important issue. Excess stress can interfere with not just workplace productivity but also an individual’s physical and emotional health. The ability of the business and the individual to deal with the matter will mean either success of failure.

So what should you and your business do to ensure that you’re not blown over by waves of stress? Below are three simple tips to help you out:

Act Rather Than React ‚ ¨ Stress has the ability to have a higher level of impact in situations where we feel out of control, not only does it trigger a stress hormone within our bodies, but wears down confidence and our well-being. When a stressful situation arises it is advised that you look to the elements which you have control over rather than the ones that you don’t.

Take a Moment to Take a Deep Breath ‚ ¨ If you are placed in a stressful situation, it is advised to take a few moments to go for a quick walk, even if it is a lap around the office and just remember to take a few deep breaths. This will allow you to restore your balance and have a clear head about your situation; this may even help a new solution rise from the surface.

Eliminate Interruptions ‚ ¨ Many things jump out at us throughout our working day, calls, emails, emergency jobs, looming deadlines, you may not have control over if you get interrupted or not but there are different ways to deal with these situations you could possibly accept it or cut it off. It is advised to prioritise and decide which task is more important to complete first.


Written By: Emily Fleming ‚ ¨ Fresh HR Insights-