How to make a pleasant and safe workplace

The world at present is moving towards altogether different working trends which are completely opposite to the work habits of our forefathers. There was no concept of a comfortable working environment or attire, as it was strictly work only place model. After a lot of research and innovation it was found that relaxing your employees makes them more productive. A person who is made physically and mentally at peace at his or her work place loves to work. This is a hallmark of a great work places and business who reach this are proud of the culture they have built for their employees.

The post is about various methods a company can employ to make its workplace safe and pleasant for its workers. Here are some ways to fulfill this desire which will in the future give you rewards that are more than just profits.

The first and foremost strategic decision to make your workplace pleasant is hiring the right people for the right job. Mismatched people often lower the morale of the whole department and never let people grow into leaders and better workers. Housekeeping and organization of the work place should be priority number one. This gives a clean environment to workers to work which by default increase productivity and the happiness index. The employer will love to work in a tidy and clean environment.

One of the most important aspects of great work places is the presence of an activity room or space for the employees where they can vent out their work related stress. This can be a simple football table or an extensive video game room; the whole range can help you attain drastic changes in employee’s love for the work and your work place one step closer to being one of the best places to work. Think Google and Facebook workplaces and what the production that comes out of those workplace are like.

Last but not the least, as the list goes on and on, provide certain amount of freedom in decision making to all supervisory levels. This generally boosts the morale of the workers as they feel themselves to be a part of the company, keeping their personal interests aligned with the interests of the company.

This cultural change is not like a switch and cannot be brought about overnight. Companies like Toyota and Google have worked for ages to provide conducive environments to their workers which in turn have made them one of the best places to work in the world. The trend is not moving further towards concepts where work is more important than mere attendance in the office. Efficiency and lean working are the new agendas on every company’s mind. Therefore if you don’t direct the culture of your organisation towards this direction now, you may end up behind in the corporate world like many companies which did not evolve with the changing trend.

This is the time to jump ship and take the advantage of this trend which is a new pattern in  Gold Coast work places as this will not only allow you to grow your company’s reputation but its size too..  

Examples to energise your workplace

  • Allowing teams to make their own decisions is energising to all the members of the team. Aerospace giant Boeing, based in Seattle, has a “no messenger” rule. Team members must make decisions on the spot; they cannot run around looking for supervisors to make them. As a result of this policy, Boeing was able to build its 777-passenger jet with less than half the design glitches of earlier jet programs
  • When a companies policies show compassion, it can be energising to employees. At Gene’s Books in King-of-Prussia, Pennsylvania, employees can give each other unused sick days when catastrophic illness or other personal emergencies occur.
  • The Swiss Zurich Insurance group gets its employees to participate and collaborate by following these three strategies;
    • Create a small-business atmosphere
    • Decentralise decisions making as much as possible
    • Become more customer-cantered by developing expertise in customers business.