Increased Job Satisfaction and Morale Among Employees – What’s The Impact On Revenue

Job Satisfaction refers to the feeling of good will the employees have regarding their employer and the general workplace environment. Job satisfaction and morale have been a subject to numerous studies worldwide by employers and employees alike in an effort to figure out what it means, how it can be improved and how it affects the working of an organisation or  a company. As the phrase suggests and as human resource specialists term it, job satisfaction is concerned with two types: the general feelings an employee has about his job, for example, if he hates or loves his job. The other type is concerned with specific aspects of the job, like salary, workload, management et cetera.

Better employee morale among the workers would entail a happy and comfortable working environment for all the people involved (this also includes any customers). Job satisfaction and uplifting morale among the company also ensures that the employees are happy to come to work every day. Every smart Gold Coast HR Company believes that when all the people in an organisation feel optimistic about where they stand and their future with the organisation, it obviously creates certain key benefits.

Increased Productivity

When workers feel positive in their working environment, they are bound to develop a healthy attitude towards their work. That way, any work they do, they will not feel compelled or forced to do it; they will not feel trapped in their jobs and the work will genuinely make them happy. Such energy yields better results when it comes to productivity. There is a significant difference when you do something out of compulsion and when you do something you actually want to, and that is imminent in the results produced by an employee. For example, if it is a salesperson, he will sell more products if he actually believes that the product is good and will benefit whoever he is selling it to.

Productivity Leads to Revenue

With higher productivity among the employees, it is obvious that the revenue would see a positive shift as well. When the employees are content with the work they are doing and where they stand in the organization, this will consequently make the clients satisfied too. When you offer customer/client satisfaction above everything else, you are offering them the gold pot. This means that when they are happy, they will be willing to pay a lot more because in the end, it is not just about the services that you provide, it is also the integrity and compassion that you have.

Recent studies suggest that happy employees will create more money for companies. Now most employers will see this as a ploy to get them to pay more to their workers, but it is not just that. There are a lot of different ways that you can ensure that your employees are happy without it being about the money. If you treat your employees with respect and compassion and give credit where it is due, it will go a long way in maintaining a healthy self esteem for them, which will ensure increased job satisfaction and morale; all of which consequently leads to more revenue.