How can you involve Employees for a workplace that people love?

Work habits and patterns have changed over the centuries. Empowerment of the employees and their welfare has become a top priority of companies. This is not usually because companies care but because research and practical tests have shown that a happy employee is a productive employee. This method of working was introduced by many companies but companies like Google, Facebook and Virgin took it to an altogether different level.

This post is about how a company can involve their employees so that the mutual interest of making the company better is both the job of employee and the employers.

Freedom, be it of speech or work has long term benefits as it cuts down unnecessary communication barrier between the different tiers of an organisation. Empowering your employees in more than one aspect of their working makes them feel a part of the whole system. Once they start feeling that they are directly responsible for the ups and downs of the company, they will go into cruise mode by default.

Some of the ways you can involve your employees so the work place becomes conducive to work and the whole organisation benefits from it.

  1. Make your employees take decisions that involve a certain amount of calculated risk. This gives out a message that they are a valuable member in the company making them love their workplace.
  2. Place them in situations where the decisions are dependent upon the time taken to take it. This time line and dead line urgencies not only make them stronger as individuals but also happy as they are important team players running for the victory of the company.
  3. Another method of involving your employees is by linking their growth with the company’s growth. This may be difficult at first but in the longer run employees start to associate the company’s success with success of their own, which itself is a win win situation.
  4. The last suggestion would be that free your high level managers and expect them to come up with strategic ideas rather than data sheets and information about day to day activities. This will eventually not only keep your supervisors happy but also push you forward with different ideas that come from the supervisors.

When you look at companies like Google and Facebook, they not only have brought in work from home and casual culture but also the practice of having entertainment for employees at work, they have a strong belief that a happy employee is a productive employee. Their model is now being followed by many companies and start-ups across the world. Therefore it can be easily said that now you need just more than only the salary for an employee to be free, happy and a firm decision maker.

People walking in jeans and Bermuda shorts may hinder the eyes of the onlooker, but these companies believe that heads are to be turned by work and not by fancy shoes and ties. Use these and more ways to involve your employee in the company’s success and the company will prosper many a folds.

We would love to hear from you to know what you do in your workplace to evolve your workers to create workplaces they LOVE. Comment below.