An Internship with Fresh HR Insights


Growing up I had no idea what I wanted to be, throughout high school I had many ideas; veterinary nurse, theatre performer, theatre manager, and finally as I headed into university doing a Bachelor of Business Majoring in event management.

Throughout my first year of university I was opened up to so many possibility and options than I could have never imagined. As soon as I learnt what human resources was, and what human resource managers did I know that this is where I wanted to head in my career. I have always been passionate in believing that if you treat someone right they will in return treat you right. I have also worked in jobs were I have wished that there was someone who would stand up for me and my rights within the workforce. To me this seemed like the perfect job that suited who I am.

But how can you be positive without trying it. Sitting in a lecture hall listening to theories for hours only goes so far. Currently my retirement age is at 67 meaning I will be working for approximately 45 years of my life. I did not want to spend this much of my life getting up to a career that I was not happy with.

So my next move was to test it out. So naturally like we all do these days I headed to Google and searched for local HR agencies. Within a few hours I had listed 25 HR agencies within the Gold Coast, but one stood on top of my list. From all the clutter of modern day corporate worlds came a refreshing quite yet powerful company driven by the sole focus of assisting small business owners and their employees.

I rang Paulette and her instant kind and generous nature had me wanting an internship with Fresh HR insights even more. She offered to meet with me which at I thought was completely amazing.emily1

At that point of time in my life I was in search for another job, every week I applied 15 jobs or more and all I ever wanted was for someone to give me a chance, to allow me to prove myself. And Paulette did, and I could never thank her enough for it.

When she offered me an internship with Fresh HR insights, I picture it to be like most normal internships getting coffee and answering phones is all I expected and for me that was good enough for me. But I should have known that this was no ordinary company and Paulette is no ordinary boss, so why should my internship be any different. Right from the get go Paulette gave me responsibility above my expectations, letting me take over her social marketing, create packages for cliental and be highly involved with recruitment processes.

I know feel a part of a team that is making a difference within workforces, a team that is driven and motivated by the challenges that our clients set us. And am now confident more than ever that HR is the perfect field to go into and there will won’t be any days that I wake up and don’t like what I am doing.

I owe it all to Fresh HR Insights and Paulette.

And the best part is Paulette has now made me an official part of the team ‚ ¨ my first paid HR Role.