Inspiring HR Trends for 2019

We live in a business World where nothing is carved in stones. Everything is constantly changing. Just like every other year before it, 2019 brings with it the prospects of technological and economic transformations. A closer look at how Australia’s economy is developing and how demand is being placed on the firms by the clients and the employees, and one can safely say, that 2019 has a lot to it than meets the eyes.

One trend that is obviously likely to emerge in 2019 is Technology. A fact that is recognized both by the small business human resources and large business human resources is that technology will always modify how Human resources works. Technology is currently demanding a shift in how recruitment, processes, and workflow is handled by HR through artificial intelligence. An automated way of getting tasks achieved presents HR an opportunity of developing corporate strategies, organization development and managing Employees effectively.

Another exciting trend will be Investment in Employee well-being. In a bid to keep up with the fast pace at which transformation is taking place, their stress level increases just as well. This plays down on their productivity and reduces the satisfaction that they derive from their work. In line with The Fair Work Act 2009, Australian employees including Gold coast employees are protected with flexible working arrangements, leaves, and other such arrangements that are designed to help them steer clear of stress at the workplace.

The simple logic is, the happier employees are at their work, the more productive they become. Shifts in trends suggest that start-up business on Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and Australia at large, will ensure that their employees stay healthy and productive. They will most likely invest programs that will aid employees in managing their stress level, maintain mental health and financial wellness.

The role of HR of SME businesses that support building an enhanced work environment for its employee would be to put up channels that will listen to them in a bid to promote a healthy workplace and ultimately increase employee confidence in HR.

Awareness of how much socio-cultural diversity is needed in the workplace is also another trend that is on the rise. The Australian state and national laws such as The Equality Act 2010 dictate equality at work and non-discrimination. Managers, therefore, understand the need for gender equality in employing diverse talented people without discriminating gender. 

This kind of approach is perceived by society as fair and positive. A perception that is capable of increasing the yield and the gearing of the organization in the long run. Hence, for equality, when a structure for direct coaching is applied to men in business, direct coaching for women in business must also be implemented

Unsurprisingly, progress into 2019 further pushes HR managers from the days where the selection of employees, data, strategic and investment decisions are made based on gut feelings. Managers and their employees will look to have a robust trust system that is built on transparency and clear communication. This can be achieved through Talent Analytics.

The ultimate goal of Talent analytics is to provide management insights, increase an organization’s chance of hiring only the best employees, and increasing their ability to retain such employees. For example, Small businesses can generate help and support by making use of Talent Analytics to scout for talents, competition, norms, and compensations in a particular market.

2019 has to it loads of experience for HR and ER support. Get on board through well planned employee wellbeing, technology and an overall well perceived work environment.