Importance of employee development

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Employee development is a buzzword in the modern business world and it is for many valid reasons. It is an “often neglected aspect” in even some of the giants of the business world. It partly owes to the reason of most employers not taking “young talent” seriously and partly to the fact that most businesses are more focused on the “day to day firefighting” (that is happening with most of the unorganised businesses).

For any reason, if employee development is not part of small business growth strategies then the chances are bright that you are likely to lose impetus in your revenue increase and business growth.

Some of the most frequently occurring reasons of businesses not focusing on employee development are:

  • Focusing on what is visible and imminent rather than what is futuristic and growth oriented
  • Lack of conviction to follow up even where certain studies and exercises are carried out in an organisation or business in relation to employee development
  • Some small businesses just don’t have enough resources for workplace training  or using training as an investment in the business (training specified here being an essential ingredient of the employee development).

In any case, neglecting employee development results in serious degradation of the business potential of any small or big business. Workplace training and training employees has to be a part of all large and small businesses growth strategies. Here is how employee development through workplace and employee training is important for any small business growth strategy:

  • Employee development through employee training and workplace training holds the key to enhance employee skills and up gradation of their existing knowledge (in line with the latest trends) to boost their personal performance.
  • Employee development is a healthy combo of employee personal development and employee professional development. In one place, employee training develops an employee on the professional level while in another dimension; employee development prepares them for handle personal challenges in a more dignified manner.
  • Employee development creates a sense of bonding between an employer and employee (resulting in establishing a feeling of loyalty) that goes a long way in taking the best from the employees in terms of productivity and performance.
  • Employee development is a great motivating factor in generating an atmosphere of creativity, peer based learning, team formation and knowledge sharing at all levels.
  • Employee development is a key to developing a sense of self analysis and improvement within the employees. With development, comes the awakening where an employee realizes the deficiencies and weaknesses he or she may be harboring professionally. Having this realisation, helps them in measuring their own performance and make amends where they are required to reach the optimal efficiency.
  • One of the most important aspects of employee development is the establishment of lateral and vertical communication channels within a business by virtue of more and frequent interaction between the employees during the employee training and workplace training.