Importance for Businesses to use Social Media Platforms

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Social media is defined as a website or application that enables users to create, share content and participate in social networking. Studies undertaken in 2014 found that 71% of adults use Facebook, 23% of them also use Twitter, 26% use Instagram, 28% use Pintrest and 28% use LinkedIn.

But it is not only individuals who are using social media platforms, businesses are now getting their names out there to using social media as a headlining platform. In such a competitive world businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways that reach their target markets, and with social media user rates continuing to sky rocketing it is a no brainer for businesses to invest.

A 2014 study revealed that three-quarters of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. The study also reveals why customers follow businesses on social media, with the top reason being for promotions and discounts which is followed on by, finding out what are the latest products, understanding ratings on customer service, seeing entertaining content and the ability to provide and find feedback.

What are the benefits?

The above statistics makes it clear to understand that the use of social media within businesses is quickly becoming popular, but why? Some benefits of using social media include:

Allows you to gain instant feedback on your services or product ‚ ¨
Feedback is essential for businesses, both in negative and positive lights. It allows business to gain a higher insight into their target markets wants and needs. It also enables then to understand the elements within their business that are working appropriately and those that may be lagging behind in their attended purposes.

Increase website traffic and search rankings ‚ ¨
Social media creates a direct link from customers to your businesses website, and the more you get your social media out there through shares and likes the higher search rankings you will have.

Cheap and efficient way to market ‚ ¨
Using Facebook is a great way to create brand awareness and does so in a more cost effective manner than older traditional methods.

Allows business to understand their target audience ‚ ¨
Social media allows you to track your posts, where they are heading and who they are heading to. It also has efficient tools to directly target by location, language, age, gender, education etc. which allows your audience to be reached quickly.