For small business human resources anywhere that are looking to have a merry year, it is important that you pay attention to patterns and trends. Apart from start-ups, experienced HR and ER support professionals understand that observing trends for variations and a recurring pattern is important for prediction, forecasting and ultimately getting the best out of the future to come. In a bid to keep HR relevant and ahead in the ever competitive Australia market, below are three trends we have observed as recurrent and tops our list of trends that are likely to repeat itself.

Technology: does this seem familiar? Yes, it does. There have always been big talks about how fast Artificial intelligence (AI) will reinvent the HR world. Well, Artificial Intelligence is here and both large and small businesses need to get their grip on it. Artificial Intelligence is the kind of leverage that paves way for an efficient, productive and improved workforce. AI cuts across recruiting, engaging, training, and retaining employees. Think about this, rather than spend hours sorting through job profiles, CVs, and so on, technology can help reduce the time by simply running algorithms.

A report obtained from Deloitte’s 2018 Global Human Capital Trends indicated that about 72% of organizations agree to the importance of HR and are embracing it.HR can drastically reduce the time spent on recruiting and screening of employees and simply focus the energy someplace else.  AI is a way through which HR teams and professional on the Gold Coast, and in Brisbane, and Australia as a whole can safeguard their company’s future. It is definitely worth checking out.

Workplace Trust: Results from the Government Institute of Australia indicates that Australians have lost all faith in corporate ethics. The business sector is faced with a situation where the employee confidence in HR is at an all-time low. Most times, HR teams assumes their employees trust them, where conversely, they have a negative perception and view of HR. Creating trust in the workplace is a fast-rising trend in the workplace today. HR have come to understand the need for prioritizing employee’s confidentiality, the place of sincerity and going beyond their open door policy to intentional relationship building. HR is learning not to jeopardize work confidence by not favoring one work relationship over the other. For example, they now maintain equal direct coaching for women in business and men in the business.

Perpetual learning: Companies are currently in hot pursuit of employee development and learning. As we mentioned earlier, technology is causing a rapid and continuous change to how business is conducted. To keep up, businesses need to invest heavily in transversal and job-related skills. The big problem is; we do not know to what extent the change will be. However, to be able to handle different tasks, it is important for HR to invest in employee skill learning.

It is fast dawning on HR teams and professionals that they may be doing too much for little result. Not only that, but their initiatives are also always too long to cause the needed effect. To create the needed impact, simple and seamless organization is all that is needed. But what is the real solution here.

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