Something that we can all agree on, is that it’s no fun being the new kid. Stepping into a new place filled with new faces and procedures is pretty scary and the last thing that you’d want is to compromise a brand-new hire. Learn HR solutions for recruitment. The good news is that if you’re within a position of power there is something that you can do to help welcome your new recruits. If you don’t have a full-on starter kit, here is how you can improve:

  1. Show That You’ve Been Expecting Them

The first step to making anyone feel welcome in a new space is showing that you’ve been expecting them and are happy to have them there. One way to do this would be sending out a memo that someone new will be joining a department and to have an immediate superior meet with them first thing.

An example may be;

Good Morning Team,

Please be aware we have new starter coming on board. Please all extend a warm welcome to <Employee name> on <her/his> first day and provide any support required for his/her future success within the team.

NAME:                      <Employee first and last name>

START DATE:          <date starting>

JOB TITLE:               <title of role>

Please ensure that everything is ready for <employee first name> on day one. This includes computer, workstation, stationery, paper, computers linked to printers and email addresses set up.

Please all make <her/him> feel welcome to the team.

Any questions please let me know.

Yours Sincerely,

  1. Give Them A Tour

Next, showing a new hire around is a great way to introduce them to colleagues, the facilities, and so on. This takes care of a lot of uncertainty and will make it less likely that they get lost searching for the restroom.

  1. Provide Enough On-The-Job Training

This is a given but what really cements the training process is not overlooking things that a seasoned employee might take for granted. Try to be as thorough and basic as possible.

  1. Ease Them In With Smaller Manageable Tasks

Letting a new hire settle in will go a long way as having a stressed out, unhappy employee is not good for your productivity or workforce.

  1. Assign A Mentor

Help clear some confusion indirectly by introducing the new hire to someone that they can consider a mentor. This will result in a speedier learning process and the complicated specifics will be dealt with.

  1. Square Off The Paperwork ASAP

This is by far the least exciting step but having the forms and documents signed and sealed is best for everyone. Sending through the forms even before their first day will help move things along faster.

  1. Request Feedback

Sitting down with them at the end of their first day is great for morale as it shows that you care. There is also a learning possibility here as you can find out how sound your introduction procedure is.

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