Human resource policies and procedures allow companies to be consistent with their values whilst following their HR policies and procedures. Often, many workplaces encounter issues where staff were unaware of a particular policy that they have breached, with lack of communication being a common excuse. HR policies and procedures allow companies to be consistent with their values whilst following their legal obligations as an employer. 

What you may not know is that having the policies is not enough. If you buy Generic Policies and Procedures and think you are covered think again!!!! 

It is imperative that workplaces have accessible and well-communicated Human Resource policies and procedures which allow employers to properly manage staff conduct. These policies do not need to be particularly complex or numerous – merely effectively communicated and adhered to.  A comprehensive employee induction and regular training sessions on HR policies and procedures minimise potential misconduct within the workplace.

Here’s why it is so Important:

  • An employer that failed to clearly state in its policies that sexual harassment is illegal has been found vicariously liable for an employee’s inappropriate conduct.
  • In the recent case of Keegan v Sussan Corporation (Aust.) Pty Ltd1an employee was awarded just under $240,000 in damages after being bullied for 11 days. This case demonstrates how important it is for employers to proactively respond to all workplace bullying complaints and have policies and procedures in place to manage workplace conduct
  • Employers that fail to take action to protect their employees from workplace bullying and harassment could be sued for negligence, as has been proven in a recent decision by The Supreme Court of Victoria to award $1.3 million in compensation to a former road construction worker

I have recently spoken to a client that was approached by another provider – when they explained how Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd not only designed customised policies and procedures, that we took the staff through the Policies and Procedures, showed a Video on Bullying in the workplace, implemented tool box talks to enforce the importance of the company policies and procedures, and got them to sign an acknowledgement. The other provider said “gee we just give you the policies, it’s not up to us to Implement” 

At Fresh HR Insights it is personal. We are there to support and protect you and your business against workplace issues. We do not offer off the shelf generic policies and procedures and employee manuals. We get to know you and your business and implement what is a best fit for you. And we are also HIGHLY qualified 

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