Benefits of An Online HR System For Busy Small Business Owners


HR For Busy Small Business Owners

Human Resource is the most important asset of any business; let it be a mega corporation or a small business. But more so for small busy business where the top management may be looked after a single or at best a couple of partners (to cut down costs operating costs). For such an owner it can be a nightmare to handle all the HR related issues manually. For those that are not looking for an in-house HR department or wanting to use an Outsource HR Company like Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd, the best choice in such a scenario is to have an online HR system. Here are some of the benefits of an online HR system:

  • Administrative Efficiency. For small busy businesses hiring a few dozen people, it would be an administrative nightmare to maintain visibility of basic employee information on a paper-backed system. Very basic simple queries can become extremely time intensive. An online HR system can reduce costs significantly.
  • Information Access made easy. When you rely on spreadsheets and documents to have a visibility of employee related information then you end up with mounds of paper. The data is sensitive and needs to be secured, so by implementing a central HR system you allow more people to work with the data.
  • Shared data for timely decision making. By placing data on sharing, you give a gateway to analysis by all concerned in your business. This promotes timely decision making by well informed managers.
  • Reduced Communication Gaps. Connecting different departments within your business gives your employees a better chance to get to know each other and respective working styles. It is more important if nature of your business requires mobility for your employees and they may need to have an instant access to other colleagues while on the move.
  • Safety against litigation. Having your HR policy accessible online and must read for all employees will give you the most vital legal cover if one of your employees decides to sue you and takes the cover of not knowing what was expected from him or her.
  • Information security and Data recovery. Online HR systems are highly secure in terms of who can access them. The system will record all log in and access information which is not possible usually in cabinet and file system. Besides that any hardcopy record can be destroyed in fire or natural calamities. Online systems are secure against such hazards and can be backed up at multiple locations for security.
  • One window operation.All your HR relevant information is available in one place, easy to edit and update.
  • Cross linking of data. Your HR related data can be cross linked with rest of your automation. This would facilitate analysis, comparisons, audits, and internal evaluations.
  • Reliability and Accuracy.The system is reliable and accurate provided entered data is correct and expertly manipulated.
  • Do it yourself approach. Depending upon your business policy, each employee can be given access to update or change the data related to own self, saving the need to hire dedicated HR management staff.
  • Performance monitoring through automation.Online HR Systems gives you automatic alerts about events, performance appraisals, and benefit deadlines. In a sense they act as a private assistant to you.
  • Administering benefit Notifications. Having an online HR system will keep your perspective employees updated with notices, changes in policy, enrollment etc.
  • Recruiting and job opportunities publication. Your system can be configured to include job management, applicant tracking etc.
    • Online HR systems are Web-Based. They are easily accessible distantly.
    • Does not need any special softwares to view. You just need a computer with internet access to approach them.
    • Typically they have a user friendly Interface
    • Very cheap to acquire and maintain subsequently
    • Graphic representation of desired data for enhanced understanding.


We understand that as a small business owner one of your most valuable assets is your time. Time to grow your business, time to spend with your clients and time to develop your employees. But as the person in charge of nearly everything, sometimes other things can get in the way. This is why we created a simple, flexible and affordable HR system that allows you to take complete control of your needs. Find out more by Clicking HERE