Recruitment in 2016 – how to source the best candidates?

Recruitment Solution Gold Coast 2016

Gold Coast recruitment is a very serious business since it would involve looking for the best among the pool of Gold Coast employee’s pool. When you are looking for new employees then one of the best tools can be sourcing.

What is sourcing?

Sourcing refers to the process in which companies hire personnel to skim and screen applicants and shortlist the individuals on the basis of their matching the skills required by the company. The sourcers are different from the recruiters and the ones who interview the applicants and their sole duty is to screen and select the best applications received.

Though the task in itself may seem simple, like any other profession the company will keep up with you only and only if your efforts end up giving the results the company desires. It is not an easy task of selecting any ten resumes from a hundred at random rather it is a skill of analyzing the potential of the applicant by what is written on the resume only.

How do they do it?

Every time the company decides to recruit new employees the sourcers either look up in the ATS bank of the company or search for people on job sites such as LinkedIn and Monsters. An ATS is the record of the company that has in store the data of the people who had wished to join the company in the past and their resumes. It also has information on people who had applied for a particular job but got out of the list when some other member was hired.

Like all other jobs the competition among sourcers has increased and new strategies have replaced the old. Here are some strategies that can help get a better grasp at the job at hand:


  • Do not short list the first person you see:The rule applies even when we are not talking about recruitment of employees to hire. The approach of getting the job done on the basis of the first person you see leads to the more skillful and talented people being ignored. A good sourcer must see closely and compare the resumes of ten to fifteen applicants before making a decision.
  • Do not waste your time on social media: Though there might be much talented people hidden in the bushes of Twitter and Facebook these sites should be avoided because of the unorganized fashion in which the data is displayed on them. It wastes time and the sourcer can get much better results from job sites and ATS. With organized data at hand it is easy to group the classifications you require and to get applicants with similar data on one page.
  • Do not underestimate the applicant: Some people are too heavy on criticism and pay attention to those small things that can be avoided in exchange of the talent received. The higher the conditions that are implied the lesser the number of people who will be suitable for the job.
  • Don’t rule out passive candidates: The fact that the applicant has applied one day ago does not make him the ideal candidate for the job. Studies have shown that most employees hired in the past belonged to candidates who had applied at least 30 days before the process of hiring.
  • Don’t consider yourself a know-it-all: You may have been hiring people for a particular vacancy since the beginning pg time and yet you will find room for improvement inside you. Practice and different approaches to sourcing that keep modifying with time is the key to success.


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