How employers can express appreciation to employees

Employee retention has emerged as a new kind of nightmare for the employers. The increased competition in the business world has given rise to this monstrous problem of employee retention. Keeping employees happy at their workplace is a very important for the continued success of a business.

There are many ways to prevent the employees from switching their jobs and keeping them content in the firm. One of the major ways to keep employees happy is to appreciate them. No person on earth would like to work in a firm where he is not appreciated, respected or valued. Appreciation is surely a magic that can change the moods of a person in a good way. There are many ways of appreciating the employees. Some of them are discussed below briefly:

Reward: Setting up some kind of rewards for good work is an important way of appreciating the efforts of an employee. Whenever an employee shows some good performance as compared to the performance of the past, he should be rewarded. That reward not only gives him appreciation but also gives the motivation to work even better and with more attention.

Honor the opinion: Whenever a difficult scenario comes in the middle of a business proceeding, calling up employees and taking their opinion in that matter helps them feel valued. They realize their importance in the firm and thus feel as a part of the firm. This creates loyalty and honesty in the employees.

Show the good work:Appreciation comes in different flavors. Endorsing the good work done by an employee and mentioning it in front of whole staff can be a good gesture of appreciation. This gesture makes them feel honored. Their correction in case of a mistake in private space would always be a good idea. Honoring the employees in front of everyone and correcting them in private is the key to building a strong relationship with the employees.

Decision making: Allowing the employees to make crucial decisions in some kind of deal or proceeding makes them feel appreciated. They start trusting their own abilities which creates confidence in them. This can help in the grooming of the employees in the exposed business world.

Extra time off: Giving some extra time off to an employee wouldn’t harm the firm but it would greatly increase the happiness level of an employee. Such perks are always good for the growth of the employees. Monitoring the condition of workload keenly and letting the employees take some time off accordingly is a good way of giving respect and appreciation to their efforts.

Factors like respect, reward, value etc. contribute towards the appreciation of employees. Appreciation of employees helps in creating a comfortable environment for them. Helping them with their tasks, taking them out for lunch or dinner, getting involved in friendly discussions and rewarding them with small bonuses means a lot to employees. All of this is an investment in the firm. The more the satisfaction of the employees, the more they perform well.