Hiring the right person

Hiring the right person

Hiring the right person

One of the most important decisions that you will make when running your business, is hiring the right person for the right job at the right time. Getting it right straight from the beginning can save you considerable time, money and hassle.

Companies keep on making various hiring mistakes. They often realise too late that it would have been better to outsource this task to a Professional Recruitment Consultant. Doing so would allow them to focus on their core tasks in a more effective way. Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd is a Gold Coast based Human Resource Consultancy that can help you in a quick, professional and effective way to fill the positions that you find so challenging.

Fresh HR Insights believes that the best candidate for a job is the one, who has the ability and motivation to do the job, fits well in the corporate culture, is manageable and can take instructions. Asking the right questions during a job interview is of paramount importance when hiring the right person. In order to do so, job competencies and other requirements need to be clear right from the start. But that’s not enough, knowing also how to interpret a candidate’s answers correctly is another task that needs to be mastered.

In order to get a better understanding of a candidate, it would be advisable to invite the job applicant for two or three interviews. At Fresh HR Insights we have often experienced that by interacting with candidates in different environments, valuable insights into the candidate’s personality could be gained. In order to make sure that the right person will be hired similar approaches can be taken, for example by:

  • Inviting the applicant to a group assessment day. Finding out on how the candidate works as a team member.
  • Organising a panel interview. What do other panel members think of the candidate? Are they sharing the same opinion or do they have a completely different view?
  • Conducting an interview via Skype. How confident does the person come across via screen, as a person and by using technical equipment?
  • Going out for a coffee or in a restaurant. How does the person interact with other restaurant staff? Does the person have good table manners? Does the candidate still remain professional at all times? Is the person able to conduct also other interesting and engaging conversations outside of work-related matters?

The result of this revealing and eye-opening experience? Better hires on a consistent basis for companies from across all industries.

There is no secret about it: Research has proven that lots of HR Professionals nowadays do check on peoples’ social media presence before hiring, so does Fresh HR Insights when recruiting for our Gold Coast based clients. This approach allows a company to get an additional glimpse into a candidate’s personality, which otherwise they might have never been able to experience.

Imagine the following scenario: You are almost about to offer someone the job. However, you quickly decide to check out what your best candidate recently posted on Twitter or/and Facebook. Quite shocked you realise that the person published inappropriate videos, posted rude and racist comments and published indecent pictures.

How would you feel? Thus, take some time to do your research and use this unique opportunity to find out more about a candidate’s life outside or inside of work. You will appreciate of not having hired the wrong person.

At Fresh HR Insights we are here to would be happy to assist Gold Coast companies with their company with social media background checks too. We do not leave any stone unturned to find you the right candidate for your role. We look outside of the box when recruiting.

It can often happen that several candidates have similar qualifications, skills and experiences. What is an HR Manager supposed to do in that case?

At Fresh HR Insights we recommend that on the Gold Coast you should always choose the one who has the highest level of enthusiasm for the job and company. We always ask what they know about your company. If they can’t be bothered to research it then they are most likely not for you.

This is an important factor which no company should ignore. One way of finding that out, is to see how well prepared the candidate is and to what extent s/he is able to come up with impressive questions for the recruiter. The ultimate benefit and dream for every company is to have staff aboard who are highly self-motivated. They are the ones, who take their own initiative, do not need to be pushed to get things done, will have a positive impact on other team members and generally perform particularly well. The team at Fresh HR Insights are specialist’s in many different HR related matters, from the recruitment through to the termination and everything in between. We are looking at HR in a Different Light. don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Article Written by Karin Schroeck-Singh, 12 October 2015

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