Getting to know Fresh HR Insights – Founder and Director

Paulette McCormack 

I got into Human Resources and set up Fresh HR Insights because of one simple thing. I love everything about people and people management and strive to achieve a balanced workplace for our clients. We are a small team; however, we all share the same passion and beliefs.

Ask yourself, your friends, your golf partner, your hairdresser, your accountant and even your lawyer these questions – actually, ask anybody who is in business with employees;

  • Do you stop and take a deep breath each morning before opening the office door, wondering about the staffing issues that may arise today?
  • Do you lie awake at night thinking about that employee who never seems happy despite your best efforts?
  • Do you shake internally whenever a particular employee comes into your office or starts a conversation with you?
  • Do you want to take a holiday and desperately need one but can’t trust your current employees to keep the business running while you are away?
  • Do you just wonder sometimes, “Why do I even bother”?

I beat that a good majority answered Yes to at least 2 of them – They’re not alone – these are only a very small example of what business owners feel every day. It wasn’t meant to be like this when they started business; however, for many, one of the most difficult aspects of running a business is dealing with HR and employee issues.

How great would they feel to have no more staffing issues, to sleep soundly every night, to be able to take a holiday once if not twice a year, and even to have every Friday off as you know the employees are doing what they should and without dramas – pretty awesome I would think.

At Fresh HR Insights, our focus is on getting it right in the first place so that employers won’t find themselves feeling any of the issues above and without any legal issues to add to the stress levels. We believe that if you have the right policies and procedures in place, treat people with respect and dignity and communicate with staff fairly and consistently, not only will you retain employees, but you will also minimise issues. 

It’s not always about the money for employees– in fact, research has shown that more people leave a manager or supervisor rather than an actual company.

If business success right now is their focus but managing complicated staffing matters is “not their thing”, then perhaps it’s time for them to think outside the square….

  • A wealth of experience could be right at their fingertips, providing creative input & solutions – & only a phone call away.
  • All those seemingly impossible personality & productivity issues could be dealt with effortlessly!
  • All their Performance Management ideals were achieved (at last!)
  • Measurable bottom line benefits from heightened productivity, energy & enthusiasm will help achieve their goals!
  • And they will enjoy peace of mind knowing all their statutory employer obligations are fully compliant under legislation.

Many people ask – why are employees in some companies happy to stick with the company while others look for a change? The reason is that some companies know how to take good care of their employees and provide a working environment that helps them retain their identity while proving themselves and growing along with the company.

I have found that employers are very nervous about their ability to correctly manage performance issues in their businesses – particularly where such issues may lead to termination. When discussing these questions with employers, there is an increasing tendency to allow situations to develop over a long period rather than step in early to address the issues (you all know what procrastination means and we all do it). Largely, this is due to reluctance on the part of employers to move in areas where there is a risk of unfair dismissal claims being made.

Fresh HR Insights can manage these processes quickly, professionally and with as little impact on a business as possible. I am unafraid to march out of a building the best of them. I once made redundant, with immediate effect (pay in liue of notice), a solidly built 6ft 4 male employee, take his security pass and keys, stood by him whilst he cleared his desk stopping him from taking what was not his and then march him off the premises through an open plan office – luckily he didn’t see my knees shaking.

I know that each situation is different – Fresh HR Insights’ best advice is to be proactive – have the processes and policies to manage these situations, and move quickly to address issues before they become major issues. One important thing to remember is the importance of documenting your conversations, any outcomes from discussions and processes used to manage a situation. We can help get all this in place.

If employers find themselves managing an employee’s performance, which may lead to termination, we strongly recommend that employers seek assistance before any termination occurs. Employment law, Fair Work Australia, and case law are minefields best stepped over by those without the stomach for it.

I know that for most small business owners, letting a person go is a hard job. It cannot be easily done – particularly when the employee is a long-term one. There is also the almost family-like atmosphere that small businesses have. Not only is there the loss of an employee but also the effect on the staff left behind, the inevitable change. Fresh HR Insights help you manage this and re-engage the remaining employees, and get a new employee that fits right into your culture and work requirements. All done with the least amount of impact on your business.

Depending on the situation, most terminations are best handled compassionately and organised. The better prepared, the easier to handle the different “twists and turns” the situation may present. Employers must remember that a dismissal will be accessed by Fair work Australia to determine if it is “harsh, unjust or unreasonable”. That does not mean that you are stuck with an underperforming employee it just means you need to do it the right way – Fresh HR Insights can advise and assist. 

Processes and policies, such as what we at Fresh HR Insights have, must be in place to manage terminations. Importantly, you also need to make sure that you have taken “all reasonable steps” to ensure your employees know about, know where to find and have had training on the processes and policies. There has been many an Unfair Dismissal claim been seen as fair then overturned in favour of the employee for procedural unfairness – a Company not following what they put in place – don’t let that happen to your business acquaintances.

With Fresh HR Insights, companies can pursue each of our services individually or in tandem. Fresh HR insights will create a human resources model that addresses the specific needs of your business in a manner that serves the best interests of both the company and the employee.

I hope that you have all made it to the bottom of my blurb and now have a better idea of what it is that Fresh HR Insights has on offer

Please get them to Phone or email us today for an obligation-free discussion/consultation  (by appointment only, no charges apply) to discuss their business needs.