Fresh HR insights Presentation

The morning (06 February 2015) Fresh HR Insights presented at BNI Elite Helensvale.

We wanted to share this with you so please find the link below


BNI Presentation – February 2015

Some situations to think about………….

  • Failure to comply with your workplace obligations can result in you being liable for a workplace complaint and possible enforcement action
  • Not having a set of guideline’s of acceptable behaviour and standards both in legislation and within the business creates uncertainty and people try to get away with what they please ‚ ¨ and you have little re-course.
  • Not taking the time for annual appraisal’s and objective setting or worse thinking they are a waste of time gives the impression you just don’t care ‚ ¨ so employees wont care about your business either
  • Not offering training, succession planning, a goal for their future will have them treading water till something better comes along ‚ ¨ we all like to move upwards and feel valued
  • If you have employee’s that are just not cutting it and are more a hinder than a help your business won’t be productive, they could be creating a toxic culture and worse you will be losing $$$


We offer help with:

  • Recruiting the right people
  • Creation of Position Descriptions that align with your business
  • Workplace Health and Safety Management systems
  • Development of online workplace solutions
  • Offer letters, contracts and the associated paperwork
  • Terminating the not so right people
  • Assisting with Unfair Dismissal claims via our Employment lawyer
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Creating and implementing employee handbooks
  • Tailored Online Inductions and Documentation
  • Performance Appraisal training and delivery
  • Payroll requirements
  • Training needs requirements
  • ‚Äö√Ѭ∂‚Äö√Ѭ∂. and so much more

At Fresh HR Insights we go above and beyond to offer our clients an exceptional service at a cost effective price.