Throughout the recruitment and selection process the best person should be selected on their merits such as their skills, experience, knowledge and appropriate qualifications with the needs of the position/job description and person specification.

Why some Interviews go wrong

  • Interviewers do not do their homework [plan].
  • Interviewers do not make use of job descriptions.
  • Interviewers do not read the applicants resume prior to the interview
  • Interviewers do not make use of job related only questions
  • Interviewers cannot pass a recall test following an interview and do not take notes.
  • Interviewers often make decisions within the first three minutes of the interview.
  • Interviewers do not allow the applicant enough time to talk
  • Interviewers talk too much and allow interviews to go over the allotted time.
  • Interviewers do not identify job related information.
  • Interviewers do not separate fact from fiction.

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