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Fresh HR Insights offer a FREE HR Health Check to help employers determine whether you’re meeting your obligations under Australia’s increasingly complex employment laws and achieving HR best-practice.




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Not sure you need a HR health check??????

Some situations to think about…………..

  • Failure to comply with your workplace obligations can result in you being liable for a workplace complaint and possible enforcement action
  • Not having a set of guideline’s of acceptable behavior and standards both in legislation and within the business creates uncertainty and people try to get away with what they please ‚ ¨ and you have little re-course.
  • Not taking the time for annual appraisal’s and objective setting or worse thinking they are a waste of time gives the impression you just don’t care ‚ ¨ so employees wont care about your business either
  • Not offering training, succession planning, a goal for their future will have them treading water till something better comes along ‚ ¨ we all like to move upwards and feel valued
  • If you have employee’s that are just not cutting it and are more a hinder than a help your business won’t be productive, they could be creating a toxic culture and worse you will be losing $$$


Some Questions to Ask yourself……….

Does your staff handbook define standards of behavior / code of conduct, rules on conflict of interest, moonlighting, confidentiality, and working arrangements?

No? Although there is no legal requirement to set out these terms in a handbook, they are however invaluable to ensure appropriate behavior, standards and expectations for employees. It also protects your business by enabling you to take disciplinary or dismissal action should any acts by an employee put your business in jeopardy or at risk. You may also find that some clients may insist that you have these areas covered by formal working practices and may ask to check your arrangements before they commit to business.


Do you hold regular performance appraisals of key Directors, Managers, and staff?

No? Performance appraisal is an invaluable tool to improve performance and productivity and for developing employees. When done well, it helps individuals to do better, gives them focus, raises self-esteem and motivation. It also strengthens the management/employee relationship and fosters commitment and loyalty. It can help to identifying weaknesses and strengths as well as opportunities for improvement and development. Results of performance appraisals can also be linked to reward (pay increases, bonus and promotions), where high rewards are given to the highest performers which in turn helps retain your key employees. It can also highlight poor performers that may require further training and assistance and provide a quantifiable method of measuring those who consistently don’t perform in order for disciplinary action or dismissal to be initiated. There are many different types of performance appraisal and we can assist you in creating the right system for your business.


Are all managers/supervisors who conduct/manage recruitment, appraisal, disciplinary, grievance and back-to-work interviews formally trained?

No? It’s a good idea for all managers to be formally trained with regards to people management and the processes involved. Whilst proper policies and procedures can help guide in this area it makes good practice to regularly review and support managers to ensure they; and consequently your company, deal with people in the appropriate manner. Formal training in these areas can ensure the best person is hired, that employees are supported through any issues that affect their working life and morale, as well as ensuring you retain your best employees by developing their skills, which in turn help develop and drive your business to meet its strategic objectives.


Do you have access to professional advice when faced with an employment problem? For example, when you need to discipline an employee for misconduct or poor performance

No? You could land yourself in trouble if you take action against an employee without the benefit of legal advice. Using a solicitor every time you have a personnel problem will be costly and takes time. However Fresh HR Insights provides either an ‚ ≤on demand’ service where you can speak to a professionally qualified adviser first-hand, or alternatively for ongoing support we provide our packages, for your piece of mind in any situation.



Fill it in, save it and then email the response to us at