Making expectations of the working relationship clear for happier and more productive workplaces

Expectations of Employment

Employer and employee relationship is a unique situation where establishing and maintaining a good working relationship is critical for business development / productive workplace. It can be somewhat tricky and testing. – Making expectations clear from the word go can lead to happier and more productive workplaces. We are going to see how to go about it.

What an employer expects in a working relationship?

An employer would expect a new employee to:

  • Start the job with an open and free mind
  • Swiftly learn what the employee needs to perform well.
  • Take directions and instructions from the training personnel and supervisor in an efficient manner.
  • Be reliable.
  • Reach and leave work on time.
  • Call in with sickness, can’t make it or unavoidable delay notice (in case if such situation arises).
  • Be honest.
  • Conduct professionally on work premises.
  • Dress as per workplace code and employee position.

An Employee would expect an employer to:

  • Pay wages timely and accurately.
  • Provide adequate training opportunities on job.
  • Ensure safe working conditions and employee welfare.
  • Fully explain the company policies and job responsibilities.
  • Create a system constructive and fair feedback from supervisor/superior.
  • All such workplace and employee welfare related conditions required by law or principles of humanity.

What Would A Good Employer Do To Clear The Expectations?

A good‚ π employer is one who sets clear expectations to employees like:

  • What is required to be done?
  • When it is required to be done.
  • Where their output would lead to when they complete their responsibilities in a befitting manner.
  • Setting clear boundaries.
  • Providing sound and clear direction.
  • Spelling out policies rules, procedures and regulations.
  • A good manager or employer will talk with employees in a group or one-on-one settings using personal touch‚ π.
  • Clear the expectations about established schedules and routines for time lined daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.
  • Must clear the expectations about task checklists to remind both employer and employee about what needs to be done and when a task will be considered as completed. If there are certain special conditions or terms attached to a job or task which is required to be performed, the employee must be informed. It helps the employee to better understand the expectations of employee.
  • Having a ready at hand‚ π list of such issues which are important to an employer can serve as an expectation guide book or reference for employees that they must respect. For example, an employer may not want employees to smoke on the work premises or use cell phones during working hours.
  • A good employee will clearly spell out expectations about doing certain tasks and also clearly define those tasks which should be performed without having to wait for employer instructions.
  • The procedures that an employee desires to be adopted for dealing with poor behavior and disputes must be explained unambiguously and included in employer’s expectations list. The employees must know from the start that these procedures will be used (if necessary). The employees also have a right to record grievances with the employee.

Something Important about Expectations

  • Set of expectations must be consistent with all employees in uniform application.
  • More elaboration on issues and expectations by an employer will result in the fewer problems at a later stage. This leads to a more satisfied and productive workers.
  • Expectations should not be static and redundant. They must conform to workplace realities. Employee expectations must be reviewed from time-to-time to ensure wholehearted acceptance by all sides. When reviewed, the expectations must cater for any fresh realities which can affect changes in expectations.
  • It is important for an employer to know about any particular tasks that the employees might find unpleasant for any number of psychological or personal reasons. There might be some concerns or worries about the jobs that the employees are expected to do. Clearing such expectations related issues will help create a healthier productive workplace.

Final Verdict

Expectations are two sided affair. Clarity in expectations at the start will go a long way in setting up the framework for a happier and more productive workplace

Having position Descriptions in place as well as an employee handbook is a great starting point to set out the expectations.

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