Energising your workplace into 2018 and beyond. Are you ready?

A New Year’s resolution to start anew with Fresh HR Insights.

When it comes to starting afresh there is nothing like the New Year!  2017 marks the end of a tumultuous year for a great many parts of the world, no less in its impact than the year before it.   2017 saw Trump’s official swearing in as President of the USA, the UK activating Article 50, a new young President of France emerging, rioting in Turkey, mass killing of Rohingya citizens in Myanmar, standoff between North Korea and the USA, continuing fighting in Syria, renewed attacks in Iraq, China’s increasing economic might and electoral issues in Germany.  Don’t we all need a change? 

Well, 2018 is the ideal opportunity to ring some positive changes for all of us.  We at Fresh HR Insights suggest that you start somewhere local, where you can have real impact – and not try and change the whole world, which would, after all, only result in deep depression when you fail! 

Your workplace is a great place to start by energising your staff, helping them regain motivation and momentum and generally adding a new lease of life to the team pulse of your company for the coming year.  Since we spend a sizeable third of a significant chunk of our lives in one kind of work environment or another, it is sensible to take every opportunity possible to make that time as worthwhile as possible.   It is a time to reconnect with people who are carrying the load, re-establish why they are here, show them how valuable they are and put a spicy new step into their stride when they come through the door each new day.

Fresh HR Insights suggests that all employers start 2018 by ensuring their staff, at all levels of employ, are aware of their rights under the law and that your workplace supports those rights.  

The National Employment Standards (NES) sets out what an employee’s minimum entitlements are and all employers should at the least meet these. Registered agreements or employment contracts can provide additional entitlements but less than those outlines in the NES, or the award that applies.  Make sure your workplace is clear on what status your employees hold. This means defining properly how your employees work for you, either full or part time, casual or probationary, shift work and so on.  Make sure holiday leave and sickness terms and conditions are clear, as well as maternity and paternity entitlements. For employees these things matter a lot, and if there is any indication that employers are negligent or careless in these respects, you will have a discontented work force.

Pay need hardly be mentioned, but fair and correct rates, and equal remuneration for comparable jobs between men and women should be a foregone conclusion. 

Being consistent in these regards, means your employees know that you have paid attention to these details on their behalf and you will reap the rewards for this care.  

Fresh HR Insights will help your workplace stay abreast of employment law so that your staff team are confident and ready for the challenge of the year ahead. Make sure your staff are on your side!