Employment Agreements – Shocked to know what lawyers are charging

I went to meet with a prospective client today and was shocked to hear how much employment lawyers are charging for an employment agreement. Would you believe that on average employers could expect to spend between $1,500 and $3,000. Amazing and a great pocket liner for the lawyers too.

So get this, for an employee on $65,000 base salary per year you would expect to pay a recruiter roughly 11% commission – $7,150. And then you need an agreement so add to that another $2,300 (approx). A total of $9,450 just to get them into the door.

Now in my experience small business owners don’t have that kind of spare cash just floating around to grab out of the air. So answer this…….

■Are you sick of paying lawyers thousands for an employment agreement???

■Do you just need an offer letter that you know fits into all the employment laws??

■Are you feed up with struggling to get your head around all things to do with people management??

■Do you want a recruiter that is really there for you at a reasonable rate???

■Would you much rather leave it to an expert and get on with what you love doing??

Then ask yourself this……..

How great would it feel to have just stumbled across a solution???

Fresh HR Insights has it covered. If you require individual HR employment Agreements and Forms then Fresh HR Insights can provide these at Industry Standard Pricing. All Agreements and Forms have been benched marked it against the highest legislative provision so you know that you have it covered right.

Fresh HR Insights has a joint venture with a fantastic recruiter who knows Gold Coast Small businesses and can get you the right people at a very competitive rate.

We give you peace of mind in knowing you will be legally sound and up-to-date with the current legislations. Our documents are backed by Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors who specialise in employment law and our recruiter is ace.

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