Employing people for the first time – what to expect

employing people for the first timeFinding the right person to hire for your business or workplace when Employing people for the first time is critical since it would translate into your most important asset. The difference in hiring right or wrong staff when when Employing people for the first time can sometimes be the vital difference in a successful or fledgling business.

So what should you be looking for‚ π or expect from a would or could be‚ π employee while looking to hire him for the first time. Your company handbook or manual and regulations might already have the guidelines on this. These additional tips will help you hire the best suited employee for your workplace when Employing people for the first time

What you should expect from an employee should be based on following four factors:

  • Kind of employee you are trying to hire for our organization?
  • Kind of people you need to get the results you need and others expect?
  • Kind of people you want to represent your business?
  • Kind of people who can contribute to the culture you are trying to build in your workplace?

What to Expect while employing people for the first time?

What you look for and expect from a would be‚ π employee is a tricky equation. Leaving aside certain job specific requirements, a few universally applicable factors can apply for employing people on the gold coast.

Expecting Competence

Does the aspiring candidate possess the requisite skills to perform the job? Many employee positions require a certain skill or experience for job at hand, irrespective of qualifications.

Look for Potential

Potential to improve skills is the one of the basic considerations you must expect in an employee for flexible HR solutions. A candidate must show promise and ambition to succeed. Their future plans must indicate will to be proactive and creative in their job to find alternative solutions to workplace problems.

Seek Commitment

Too many job switches or position shifts within a short period of time may be indicative of lack of commitment or direction. Always look for reliability in such factors.

Good values are a correct expectation

An employee with good values can help maintain and project a good image of your business. Discussing a few things aren’t related to the job during an interview will give you an insight into his/her values. An employee who holds similar values as your business can be a positive.


Humble persons can be a great employee, perhaps the best among Gold Coast human resource. A humble person would not think highly of nor lower of himself than he should. He is usually sober-minded with decent grip on his weaknesses and strengths.

He would be ambitious for the cause of the company or team (he would not ambitious for himself).

Honesty can work wonders

Keeping promises and fulfilling expectations is one of the greatest attributes to look for in prospective employees. An honest employee does not lie, misrepresent or exaggerate.

Hunger for success

A hungry employee is someone with an appetite for success. Such an employee doesn’t rest on his past achievements. He is always reaching for higher goals and driven to exceed expectations imposed upon him. This is just how he is made-up.

Smartness is a great asset

A smart person can apply what he learns to any field or category. He can make complex subjects simpler without confusion for himself and others in the process. He can be a great asset for your workplace.

The Verdict

You can’t find the buried treasure without a map. So set your priorities straight in first place to derive your expectations about an employee. Look for maturity, confidence, drive, initiative, character and above attributes in your employee to be.


Attitude MeterBelow is the attitude Meter that we use when recruiting candidates for our clients that have a YES/ No answer to them. You can of course add more detail specifically for your organisation.

During job interview, its important to evaluate each candidate’s skills and qualification for the position, but don’t forget attitude. The following checklist can help you size up each applicant’s attitude. Keep it handy and fill it out during or immediately after the interview.

During the Introduction:

  • Candidate stood up or stepped forward to greet me
  • Candidate Smiled
  • Candidates Handshake was firm and confident

During my opening remarks:

  • Candidate was attentive
  • Candidate Maintained eye contact
  • Candidates body language signalled he or she comfortable

During Candidates Responses:

  • Candidates body language and speech were consistent
  • Candidates maintained eye contact and answered articulately
  • Candidate Smiled and appeared relaxed
  • Candidate asked questions and seem comfortable doing so

During my Closing

  • Candidate seemed relaxed and confident
  • Candidates parting handshake was firm and confident


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