Employer branding as a recruiting strategy

Recruitment is a fairly complicated process for any company or organisation. Therefore, there are many models which an organisation can follow while completing their hiring process. Employer branding is one such process which companies imply while recruiting. A company can either carry out this tedious process themselves or outsource this process.  Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd knows the importance of branding when it comes to the recruitment process. Recruitment is not just about advertising and finding candidates it is also about building the credibility, presence and branding of a business as a place people want to work. Our Human Resource Specialists work closely with employer branding experts to ensure you have the best available support. 

First of all, you must understand the real meaning of employer branding. It is the process of marketing a company, to the desired employee of the company’s choice. This is the type of employee the company needs and wants to retain after hiring too. This positive employment method has become a key area for our recruitment team. 

Now, coming towards the methods you can develop your recruitment strategy under the employer branding banner. Some of the ways are listed in this post to give you a basic idea of the theme that Employer Branding follows. The first and foremost agenda of the recruitment team implementing the employer branding model is asking the right questions. First of them being why would someone work for you? How are your managers being trained according to your brand and what is their career progression.

The second strategy is to cater for the employment lifecycle of the people that are targeted to be hired. This cycle includes induction, career development, rewards, recognition and work environment. The further factors that affect this strategy are the core values of the company or organisation with clear mission, vision and leadership statements. This directly affects the culture a company would like to maintain or initiate which may change when new people are hired based on modern needs and necessities.

So, do not think twice before reaching out to expert consultants as part of your recruitment process. A decision that you will never regret as a senior manager or CEO.