Employer branding in the recruitment process –

Why is it so important?

When you decide to go out and look for a job, you would definitely want to check the most desirable places in the country for their vacancies. The image of a certain organisation is made in your head to be desirable or undesirable according to the reputation that it holds in the business community. You would definitely meet a lot of people in your life that would love or hate their jobs. Those who love their jobs would keep on telling you how amazing their organisation is. One the other hand, people who despise their jobs would definitely rant about a high-stress level of the low pay. The way a company portrays its organisation in front of the people who look forward to having a good job is known as employer branding. The organisation that is best at employer branding will definitely get its hands on the most amazing candidates from the job market.

In the era of market restrictiveness, it is necessary for the companies to come up with the best possible strategies in order to have the best employees. The higher the level of skill your employee possess, the higher will be the productivity of your company. Therefore, getting your hands on the best candidate before your rival does that is extremely and important.

Use the internet: The social media has developed quite a lot in the recent years. The youth is more interested in getting all the information related to whichever topic it could be from the internet rather than the newspapers. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be active on all social media platforms and spread the word that your organisation is the best one. Those who are looking forward to getting jobs should be attracted to you the most.

Success stories: Success stories play a great role when it comes to strengthening your employee branding. Whenever you provide training to your employees, make sure that you let the world know about it. Whenever an employee gets successful because of your strategies, spread the word.

Bring an alignment: There could be some serious problem if you endorse your organisation in a way which contrary to the employees working in it. Make sure that there is some level of alignment when it comes to the employer branding and the employee branding of your company.

Retain the employees: When it comes to employer branding, retaining the previous employees counts a lot. You need to ensure that the best talent of the company decides to stay in the company rather than going out. This leads to more success stories which ultimately turn into better employer branding.

Enhance your visibility: The only possibility of getting good talent from the market is by being visible. If your rival is more visible to the job seekers compared to you, it would end up getting the best lot from the market. Make sure that you are on the front and visible to the prospective candidates digitally.