Humans are always lookout for rewarding experiences. We depend on rewards because they motivate us to work hard and continue working towards specific goals.

Companies must recognize all the hard work employees put into their daily duties and reward them accordingly in the corporate world. Employees who receive rewards regularly are more motivated to work and give their all to the company. Rewards are also important for an employee’s well-being and employee performance.

Companies that fail to reward their employees are the ones that fail to acknowledge the effort their workers put into their jobs. This lack of acknowledgment can lead to employee burnout and a further decline in employee performance. If your company wishes to improve employee performance, you must start a reward system to make employees feel more valued. There are several ways you can reward your employees, let’s take a look at some of the best examples:

Public Appreciation

Your employees will feel greatly valued if you appreciate them in a public setting. Most employees appreciate it when their managers or leaders take their name and describe their hard efforts in front of a group. Public appreciation does wonders for an employee’s reputation, as this simple gesture helps them build an image for themselves. They will continue to maintain this image by working hard.

Written Appreciation

If you do not get a chance to appreciate your employees publically, you can do that in a written note. A written appreciation note can be something that your employees can hold on to for the rest of their careers. A handwritten note is a very sweet gesture and can uplift an employee. You may experience better employee performance after a written appreciation. You can use the stationary from your office and make the appreciation as official as possible.

Paid Holidays

If any of your employees have gone above and beyond with their efforts, rewarding them with some time off is reasonable. Your employees may burn themselves out when working for you as they try to meet a certain goal. You can reward these employees with a few days off. But if you feel that their efforts deserve a better reward, you can also give them a week of paid holidays.


Nobody dislikes getting gifts, especially if they are from a manager, in exchange for hard work. If your employee has been working hard lately and has shown exemplary performance, you shouldn’t let all their hard work go down the drain. It would help if you showed your appreciation through different gifts. These gifts do not have to be expensive or great displays. A small gesture can also make a great difference in your employees’ motivation levels. Be as thoughtful in your gifts as you possibly can.

Honorary Mention

If you have an annual newsletter or a magazine that your company puts outs, you can include the names of all your employees who have exceeded themselves. This is a great way to show appreciation for your employees and give them a permanent record of all the nice words you have to say. This strategy can motivate the employees working hard and those who are not giving it their all.

Company Retreats

If your entire team has been giving great employee performance, you shouldn’t think twice about taking them out for a company retreat. A company retreat is a great way to appreciate your employees, but it is also a great exercise for team building. Your employees get a chance to familiarize themselves with each other and have fun on a company retreat. You can plan both local and international retreats, considering your budget.

Flexible Working Hours

If your employees are trying their best to facilitate the company in whatever way they can, then the company needs to recognize their efforts. There are several ways a company can facilitate an employee. For instance, they can provide flexible working hours to their employees, allowing them to work according to their schedule.

Most employees greatly appreciate companies who give them flexible working hours, as it can make things a lot easier for them.

Fun Working Conditions

When a company is happy with its employee’s performance, it can ensure that they have fun when they are working. Working in a strict and boring office can get boring, so they usually need something to liven up their workspace. Therefore, if you are happy with the effort your employees put into their jobs, consider adding fun elements to their work life. For instance, you can include a table tennis table in the break room where employees can unwind often. Other popular choices include board games and card games like Battleship or Cards Against Humanity. These games are short, fun, and generally very exciting.


Last but not least, making your office more employee-friendly by adding amenities is a great way to reward your employees. You can add several things to your break room that will uplift your employees. These also show that you care for their efforts and well-being. For instance, you can get a vending machine or a coffee machine to make things more comfortable for your employees and show them that their efforts don’t end in vain.

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