The difference a happy workforce can make on your productivity

Employee happiness 2016

Employee happiness

Employee happiness does not usually top the list of corporate and business objectives , however organisation’s need to take the well-being of their workforce a lot more seriously or it could actually cost the companies their bottom lines. Make Employee happiness 2016 top of your list.

There is an impression that work is a heavy word, and happiness is a light word; and that they appear completely different. Establishments apparently expect us to leave emotions at the entrance door and be hyper-rational. Even though, when we are excited, we mobilize strength to tackle a task, and we concentrated on accomplishing something. Happy employees are usually engaged in their work, driven by the objective of their company and also get along very well with their co-workers. These factors are bigger motivation than bonuses and finances.

Positive establishments keep and attract better employees much better. Eventually, this unique idea sums up to greater profitability. Positive workplaces hold greater levels of commitment which goes directly to team work and collaboration, productivity and performance, creativity and innovation.

Organizations with low employee commitment are likely to get lower profitability, lower productivity, more shrinkage or theft, more accidents on the job, inferior customer service, and higher absenteeism and employee turnover.

On the contrary, companies with engaged workforces often get very high profit and apparently have recovered from the recession at a more rapid rate.

Simple Tips to boost happiness levels at the workplace – Employee happiness 2016

  1. Make Them Happy; Keep Them Working

When employees feel that they are an essential and dynamic member of the team, they are ready to go the extra mile for their colleagues and customers and more productive. Hence, give praise openly, set goals suitable to the job and at all times take your employees’ needs more seriously. By listening and respecting to your staff, you will be providing them the motivational drive necessary stay committed and loyal to the company’s goals.

  1. A good‚ π employer

A good‚ π employer is someone who sets distinct expectations to the staff, like what exactly is to be done, when it is to be achieved, and where it goes once they complete their duties. Within this anticipation, you have to provide sound direction and set distinct boundaries displaying healthy leadership. This implies spelling out regulations, rules, procedures and policies. It is possible to achieve this by creating an extensive employee guide, a good manager or employer will also adopt the personal touch‚ π by speaking with employees in one-on-one and group settings.

  1. Productive Environment

The physical structure of the office is essential to boosting productivity. Workers require adequate room to work, the appropriate materials/supplies, and a pleasant and comfortable environment. Ensure all equipment is designed ergonomically to ensure that it properly inspires employees by helping them with what they require to do the work.

  1. Value employee

Be supporting to your workforce and give praise when necessary. Say thank you to employees for carrying out a great job and tell them that you value them. In case a staff makes an error or something go wrong, don’t punish‚ π the individual. Instead, speak with the person, demonstrate the right procedures, and provide further guidance and encouragement when needed. As an employer, you possess a great privilege to make a real difference in your employees’ lives. This may be a smile, asking about their needs or troubles, or asking how their family is. In case you sense that a worker is unhappy, assist that individual get the needed resources, as workers with depression have increased health problems, decreased performance, and higher absenteeism. Keep in mind that we are all human beings working as one to get through life. We have to care about one another to get the very best results.

  1. Get employee involved

Create an extensive employee manual which is simply and clear written. Contain methods for handling every possible scenario, such as family emergencies. Ask for their suggestions for the manual so that they feel a sense of belongings with the company.

Furthermore, allow employees feel involved by having frequent meetings where everybody can voice their concerns and opinions. This has additional benefit in such a way the company can gain useful information about products and issues that could harm the bottom line. Likewise, host extraordinary employee occasions in which the family can be included, for instance picnics, workshops, fairs, etc. The more feelings of family‚ π you can develop, the more productive individuals will be.

Employee happiness 2016 – Happy employees are more productive workers, so it is time to take happiness a top priority for your company culture in 2016.

Can you afford not to change in 2016?

With some of the steps above, you can give your team a smile and give your business a productivity boost.