employees Handbook

8 Reasons why your Organisation should have an Employee Handbook

1. A business that operates without an employee handbook is likely to be at increased risk of one of their employees taking them to employment tribunal.

2. A good employee handbook will inform you, the employer of your legal obligations to their staff, making it easier for you, the employer to comply with employment legislation.

3. A good employee handbook will also set out the employee’s statutory entitlements and the statutory procedures to follow when dealing with performance issues, absence or misconduct, once again, reducing the risk of you, the employer, falling foul of employment legislation.

4. A very good employee handbook will have policies which set out management best practice and which advise managers on how to deal with everyday personnel matters in the most effective way, maximising the efficiency of your work force.

5. There has been a 56% rise in accepted employment tribunal claims between 2010 and 2011, meaning the chances of you, the employer, being taken to tribunal are increasing significantly every year.

6. The average award for a tribunal claim (the amount the losing employer must pay the winning employee), is £19,355. The average award for a disability claim is £52,087. Use of an employee handbook will decrease your chances of having a successful employment claim against you.

7. Awards can be substantially increased, if it can be shown that a business did not follow statutory procedures (which are set out in the handbook) when addressing certain staff issues, so an employee handbook can save you money, even if you did lose a claim.

8. You can purchase a good employee handbook for less than £1,800 which is significantly less than you stand to lose should your business be taken to employment tribunal.

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