Employee Engagement – Healing employee Wounds

Fresh HR Insights was delighted to be able to sponsor Jae Fraser, General Manager Operations, G8 Education. Jae gave a really inspiring speech on Leadership and Service Management. For those that attended the Childcare Queensland National Conference you would have heard the great ideas that he had for generating revenue for your centres and ensuring that your ratios are up ‚ ¨ he also suggested that you let parents know what’s going on and get their buy in especially in relation to getting fees in on time. I loved his ideas and photos for creating a new feel to your centre and bringing an added value for parents with such as a sensory corner/ room/ outside space, make a corner into the restaurant for snacks and lunch, and a music room or corner. These will also give you an added advantage over the centre down the road that does not have one. By getting parents and friends of your centre involved it does not need to be an expensive task either.

One of the most difficult aspects of running a childcare centre is dealing with HR and employee issues. If providing a High Quality childcare environment right now is your focus but managing complicated staffing matters is not your thing‚ π, then perhaps it’s time to think outside the square‚Äö√Ѭ∂

  • A wealth of experience could be right at your fingertips, providing creative input & solutions – & only a phone call away.
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Our tailored solutions are designed to your specific needs & budget. Invest in your businesses successful future by capitalising on all the expertise & benefits of a fulltime, in-house HR and people management specialist for only the hours you require. Employee Engagement – Healing employee Wounds

We describe ourselves as the Aloe Vera plant of Human Resources;

Firm on the outside providing the policies and procedures that form the framework which supports the soft inside that heals employee wounds.

Below is the Top Two Small Business HR Questions. If these or any other area is of concern for you or if you would like to find out more about our services and how we can take the stress away from Managing HR issues so you can do what you do best please contact us on paulette@freshhrinsights.com or phoning 0452471960.

Top Two Small Business Human Resource Question ‚ ¨

1. Questions regarding managing performance

Employers are very nervous about their ability to correctly manage performance issues in their businesses – particularly where such issues may lead to termination.

When discussing these questions with employers, there is an increasing tendency to allow situations to develop over a long period rather than step in early to address the issues. Largely, this is due to a reluctance on the part of employers to move in areas where there is a risk of unfair dismissal claims etc. being made.

Each situation is different ‚ ¨ Fresh HR Insights best advice is to be proactive – have the processes and policies in place to manage these situations and move quickly to address issues before they become a major issue. One important thing to remember is the importance of documenting your conversations, any outcomes from discussions and processes used to manage a situation.

If you do find yourself managing the performance of an employee which may lead to termination, we strongly recommend you seek assistance from your industry body, Fair Work Australia, Industrial Relations Lawyers or a company (such as Fresh HR Insights) that specialises in this area.

2. Questions regarding terminating employees (but not redundancy)

For most small business owners, letting a person go is a hard job. It is not something that can be easily done – particularly when the employee is a long term one.

Depending on the situation, most terminations are best handled in a compassionate and organised manner. The better prepared you are, the easier to handle the different “twists and turns” the situation may present.

Like with the number 1 question, it is important that processes and policies are in place to manage terminations. Similarly, accessing professional assistance is highly recommended.

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