How to Implement a Drug and Alcohol policy in your Workplace


When implementing a drug and alcohol policy, ensure that you do the following things:

  • Consult with employees, unions and health and safety representatives (HSRs) This will likely increase compliance with the policy
  • Educate employees on the health effects of drugs and alcohol. Your policy should focus on prevention, not punishment
  • Advise your employees of the policy and ensure that they understand it
  • Apply the policy consistently and fairly
  • Reinforce the policy with timely reminders to ensure it stays front-of-mind, e.g. before a work Christmas partyTrain supervisors, managers and HSRs on how to: 
    • identify signs of intoxication;
    • approach intoxicated employees; and
    • monitor compliance with the policy

     Important: If you intend to implement drug and alcohol testing as part of your policy, the policy will need to include a testing clause. 

Definition: Health and Safety Representative (HSR) – An HSR is an employee who has been elected to the role of representing other employees about health and safety matters in their workgroup.

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