Step by Step Disciplinary process

The term ‘discipline’ is used to cover any action by an employer in relation to an employee which is designed to correct the employee’s behavior — in response to a perceived – misdemeanor or wrongdoing or refusal of duty by the employee.

But are you prepared???

Managing employees can be complex but by following some simple steps and have a fair and transparent process that is free from any discrimination, harsh, unjust or unfair actions then you are on the right track to a claim free workplace. Not only that but you will have more motivated, loyal and productive employee’s.

At Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd we have developed a Step by Step Disciplinary process that includes not only the frameworks and Guidelines but also the templates that you will need at every step. A complete solution for workplace Disciplinary’s and a must for every small employer.

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The following principals are important when conducting Disciplines:

  • Be honest, frank, and precise about the sources of your dissatisfaction and about your future expectations for the employee;
  • Keep your criticisms free of non-work related matters and be as unemotional as possible, even though the situation is often stressful to you as a supervisor/ manager as well as to the employee.


Step by Step Disciplinary

It’s important not to just jump straight in with disciplinary proceedings, many issues can be solved with a quiet word when the issue arises.

You should address behaviors and not the individual, and have an outcome in mind before you have that quiet word though.

And after having that word, you should document the outcome and give a copy of that to the employee and keep a copy on file..

For example; Roslyn ( the one below with the pink hair) is consistently late. You speak to her, and tell her that her lateness is causing issues for the team who have to pick up her workload in the interim before she comes in to work, you ask if she has any problems that you should be aware of that prevent her from coming to work on time, she says there are none. You ask her to be punctual in the future, and inform her that if she is not you may have to take action.

It should take only a minute or two to document this. It is important to document all actions that may later result in disciplinary action because:

  1. It establishes that you have tried to resolve the issue informally (which may be important later if the employee sues due to the disciplinary process)
  2. It establishes that you have tried to find the root cause of the problem and offer assistance


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Important: An employee may choose to submit a complaint or claim against you (e.g. unfair dismissal, discrimination) even if you follow these steps. However using these steps and having clear policies in place it shows that you have handled the situation as fairly as possible.