Developing effective workplace relationships

There are some things in life to which almost every human being look forward to. Good food, water, shelter and last but not the least, good relationships. Good relationships are like a driving force. They keep your mood happy and satisfied. Workplaces are like a second home to the majority of the people doing jobs. They spend almost all the major part of the day in their workplaces. Their relationships at office mean a lot to them. Their good relationships create motivation in them to get up every day and leave home for office. If their relationships at office aren’t good enough then they might not be able to work effectively. It is their employer’s duty to maintain good relationships in the workplace.

Workplace relationships are very important for almost every firm but firms operating with only a handful of employees, ranging from 10-50 employees, need to pay serious attention on this matter. These employees are meant to spend half of their day at the firm. It is very important to take care of their needs. Successful company owners always share their ingredients of success and it goes without saying that they pay special attention to their employees. An employer is nothing without his employees and likewise an employee is nothing without his employer. So, there must be a strong bond between both of them.

The employer must be emotionally aware of the whole firm. He must look for the needs of the people working for him. The relationship between the employer and the employees define the course of the firm. A good relationship would certainly provide means for success of the firm. Let’s discuss some important things that can help in creating good workplace relationships. The three R’s can help play a pivotal role in creating some good relationships. Here’s how they can help:


Respect is something that is craved by every human being. The self-esteems of almost every human being have “respect” in common. If the employees are respected at their firm then they would be ever more grateful to work. They would know that their firm is the right place for them to work. Demoralization and degradation can seriously affect the relationship between an employer and an employee. They can even leave the job and prefer to work for less but they won’t settle if they are disrespected at their firm.


Reward is something that can create motivation for any type of work. If the employers are generous enough to reward their employees then they are bound to receive quite some extraordinary work by their employees. It’s like building revenue through employees. When employers invest by rewarding their employees, the employees would want to work even harder to get a new reward. It makes them hungry and why shouldn’t it? It creates positive energy in them; energy to do work with more attention and better performance. All of this hard work pays back the employer in form of good profit.

Setting up small bonuses for the non-compulsory work like extraordinary attendance, handling greater number of projects etc. can also help build a good relationship between employer and employees. It will give them another reason to stay in the firm and work harder to achieve what is expected from them.


Parents use to appreciate their kids whenever they do something good and unexpected, even if it is very little in magnitude. Why do they appreciate the kids? The answer is simple. The recognition of good work generates confidence in the kids and hence they will look for other good things to get recognized and appreciated. This is human psyche. If the employees are recognized and appreciated for what they do and their contributions to the firm then it helps them in finding more ways to do exceptional work and get recognized again. It is the employer’s duty to figure out even the smallest of the contributions and appreciate the employees for it. It creates a good and healthy relationship between both of them.

Good communication:

The employer must not set up any boundary between the employees and himself. He should interact openly with any employee without any hesitation. Random discussions, other than work, can also help in breaking the ice between the worker and the employer. The discussions during a tea break on some new movie or a band or anything other than just work can create a comfortable environment. These interactions build confidence in the employees to ask their employer anything they want and this questioning might help in doing something good.

A good relationship between an employer and an employee involves good amount of interaction. It helps in building trust between both of them. Listening to the opinion of every employee, giving them confidence to work on their own, developing teams for some difficult task, allowing them to take risks and showing them some role models can help a lot in building a strong relationship between an employer and an employee. These relationships can make a firm gain success overnight hence their importance can never be underestimated.

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