Define a clear mission and vision

We live in a world where change is fast and we can not control it. Life is stressful and sometimes we feel powerless. Families that were once around the corner, are often either fractured or distant. Even marriage isn’t the reliable safety net that it once was. We are richer than ever before and we buy more goods than any other generation, and yet statistics keep showing that we are unhappier than ever.

As a small business owner you will be working on average 63% more than other workers. Nobody ever became a business owner so they could avoid working hard. Running your own business stretches anybody’s work-life balance to the absolute limit. And it has emerged that micro-business owners are working an average of 52 hours a week, 63 per cent longer than the average worker.

Many micro business owners are both time and cash-strapped, they need to make the most of every day because the amount of time being squeezed into the working week is enormous.‚ π

As a small business owner you can be at the mercy of your employees. You cannot after all control how your employee’s get up each day or choose their attitude or how their day will pan out. This unknown can cause difficulties in a workplace as the different personality types, outside experiences, and choices a person makes can ultimately effect others.

What we can do however is nurture a workplace that many often dream about. From my experience of workplace’s and as a small business owner myself, I have put together 8 tips to build that mythic, dreamed about, idealized workplace from the ground up.

Essentially however, in my opinion, as a business owner the best way to get a dream work place is – treat others as you would have them treat you‚ π


Here is Tip number One

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Define a clear mission and vision

Identify what your business stands for, where you want to take it and why you are doing what you are doing. It’s important to think about your vision and write it down. Hone it. And own it.

Your mission should serve as your compass. If you are doing something that does not deliver against it, you should not be doing it. And Make sure every employee understands he or she contributes to the mission and vision.

This is about connecting the dots for each employee, not only when they join the business, but consistently while working for you. Your mission should be your rallying cry and help each employee know what they are contributing to daily. It provides your measurement tool as well.

If you are unsure of what you stand for then seeking the Professional help of a Branding Specialists. There are many available, I would recommend Lauren Clemett. Lauren and her team help you discover a clear definition where to go and the path to get there.


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8 Tips to build your dream workplace for small business owners