Creating a Fun Workplace – Here are 8 great ideas

There are 3 approaches to propel individuals to work harder, speedier and efficiently:

  1. Debilitate them.
  2. Pay them heaps of cash.
  3. Make their work fun.

In today’s work environment, increasing employee productivity is a compelling task for any business manager. Paying them loads of cash (regardless of the fact that you can manage the cost of it) has just indicated fleeting achievement. Just number three, making their work environment agreeable, has the potential of affecting genuine change (as nobody likes to work in a boring environment).

Being a manager, the one thing that you are responsible for is “the productivity of your employees”. The productivity of the employees depends on many factors (and a fun place is definitely one of them). Some of the most amazing ideas through which you can do that are:

  • An activity calendar:

Working nine to five in an office (while sitting on one chair) is definitely not a fun idea. In order to make the life of your employees exciting, you need to manage an activity calendar. This calendar will help you in planning some fun activities throughout the month. You can celebrate your employees’’ birthdays or an international day. Place the calendar in a place where it would be accessible to everyone.

  • Shun that “serious” demeanour:

The environment of the organisation largely affects the productivity of the employees. You need to move over from the fact that in order to come up with amazing results, you have to be “serious” all the time. It is definitely not needed. All you need is professionalism and you will achieve all the business goals (while keeping a cheerful disposition).

  • Let them have naps:

It is a natural phenomenon that everyone loves to have a nap after the lunch time. The employees working in your organisation are no exception. Come up with the innovative idea of letting your employees have small naps (of around twenty minutes) and it will improve their productivity.

  • Gamify:

You can add some games in your office environment that would let the employees’ distress. Come up with those games that do not require excessive game planning. Come up with sporty activities such as a quick basketball game or a swimming competition amongst your employees.

  • Some social work will help:

Another amazing way to feel great about your work and increase employee productivity is by getting involved in the social work. Monthly visits to an old age home with occasional donations or a visit to the orphanage with gifts will make your employees reenergized and productive.

  • Ping pong table is what you need:

Ping pong is the best-known stress buster in demanding workplaces. Add a ping pong table and allow a game or two for the most stressed out employees. See the magic work.

  • Get active on social media:

Encourage your employees to connect on social media and interact in their own time. Sharing experiences online about the workplace would help them shun their workplace frictions, vent out the feelings. Such fun would help them to remove communication barriers and enjoy the positive interaction.

  • Prank them in A FUN WAY

Never underestimate the power of positive humour in a workplace; prank them. In addition to being amusing (if done with a positive intent), your friendly targeting will generate a feeling of being missed and valued among your employees.