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Everyone has the right to a workplace that is safe and free from sexual harassment. Employers have an obligation to manage the health and safety risks of workplace sexual harassment

While there is no fail-safe method for preventing sexual Harassment at work, it is important to ensure that you as an employer have done everything that you can do to prevent this destructive type of behaviour in the workplace.

This is where workplace training and induction training comes in.

Training should be offered for existing workers on a regular basis in addition to being introduced at the induction training for all new employees.

Induction training for workers should include information on:

  • The standards of behaviour expected in the workplace including the use of social media if relevant
  • How workplace bullying and Sexual Harassment should be reported and how such reports are managed
  • Where to go for more information and assistance.

A continuous training program should cover:

  • Awareness of the impact certain behaviours can have on others
  • The work health and safety duties and responsibilities relating to Sexual Harassment
  • Measures used to prevent and Sexual Harassment from occurring
  • How individuals can respond to Sexual Harassment
  • How to report and Sexual Harassment
  • How and Sexual Harassment reports will be responded to including timeframes.

Use our and Sexual Harassment video as you induct new employees into your business and also assign them to reading and agreeing to the associated policies. This way you as a business have taken all reasonable steps to ensure and Sexual Harassment in your workplace is not tolerated and you have made your expectations on the behaviour clear. Along with this is the ongoing conversations as well as dealing with any instances of potential or actual and Sexual Harassment quickly and in a timely manner. You can’t really afford not to.