Conditional Rewards

Conditional Rewards – what to watch out for to avoid problems:

The role of a manager while managing his team for a particular project is not easy! He has to look forward to a lot of things while managing his team and the most difficult one of them is motivating them. The reason why motivating a team turns out to be a difficult task is because not every member of the team can be motivated in the same way. There are people who look forward to having intrinsic rewards while other want extrinsic ones.

Those who are happy with the intrinsic ones just need to a word of praise or a pat on the back. However, those who need extrinsic rewards look forward to having bonuses or extra payouts. Getting to know the requirement of every individual in your team is no doubt draining.

Why conditional rewards?

Nothing motivated people more than conditional rewards. If you are desperate to get the required results, coming up with the conditional rewards is the best thing to do. A conditional reward is based on conditions and is provided only to those who fulfil those conditions. In this situation, everyone tries his level best to get his hands on the reward by working hard. However, the winner is one or few of them who end up winning the reward. Nonetheless, the actual winner is the company or the organisation that turns the minimum profit to the maximum one.

Be clear to avoid issues:

The thing to notice is that you need to be clear when you state the conditional rewards or it might lead to some serious consequences. If you are ambiguous while stating the conditions of the rewards, you won’t be able to get the desired outcome. The employees will also be demotivated in the end when they will get to know that the direction of their efforts was not correct. There are times when the managers go into frustration because of not getting the required results which lead to ultimate failure. They fail to understand what is wrong in the system. In such situation, they should change the way they communicate the conditional rewards to avoid problems.

Material or cash? Be specific:

IF you are looking forward to a better level of cash flow and a high level of productivity, coming up with the rewards that have conditions with them is what you need to do. You can go for the financial reward or the material one. Be specific as to how much of the financial reward would be given to a person who would come up with a certain level of productivity. Being specific is the key. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the employee might have unexpected expectations.

 If the reward doesn’t fulfil the expectations, the employee might get discouraged and won’t work as hard next time. The safe side is to go for the material reward. In that situation, you would introduce a car or any other material thing which would be given to the employee who would perform to a certain requirement.