Communication within the work force

Communication - Poor communication


Any workplace in any industry can get highly stressful at times, whether it is from a big shipment order, a dissatisfied customer or end of month bank statements. Good communication skills are vital in order to get through any tough or stressful period within a company.

Poor communication can come in many forms and have many effects within a company no matter its size or industry. Lack of effective communication can lead to the formation of poor relationships between employees along with an unfriendly work atmosphere. Poor communication can develop from many aspects these may include; unclear goals and direction for the company, lack of leadership and direction within the workplace or even from demoralisation and lack of personal connection with the company.

There are simple aspects that any company can work towards in order to improve communication between all staff within a business and slowly demolish the negative impacts that come with poor communication, these may include:

  • Listening ‚ ¨ effective listening ensures that you know what others within the workforce are thinking, you may want to get your point across but it is essential to remember so do others.
  • Empathy ‚ ¨ The workplace is a team environment making it essential to be open to others opinions and consider their position or issues. Teamwork is all about give and take, being a two sided relationship.
  • Clarity ‚ ¨ We all know that time is precious when it comes to business, so when talking to supervisors, managers or employees ensure that you are prepared notes so you are focused on your point and don’t miss anything important. This enables a clear message to be received and the correct tasks to be carried out.

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