Importance of Transparent communication in small business for Gold Coast HR

Successful businesses are built like Rome, on solid foundations. There are two visions which build a business, an inward and an outward (no matter how small or big is the business). While outward vision looks out for bringing in business and profits, the inward vision would matter in bringing your business onto most efficient footings. Transparent communications are one of the pillars on which any business structure stands.

What is transparent communication? In the simplest possible terms, it is the ability of a business to interact vertically and horizontally within its structure. In explanatory terms, it is the mechanism by which managers and employees would exchange, information, ideas, concepts, plans, disputes and even grievances. All smart businesses go to great lengths for establishing transparent communication across their business hierarchy. This stands true for any Gold Coast HR manager.

What benefits your business can derive from transparent communications? It is a widely mistaken belief that transparent communication is a more valid concept for large scale businesses and mega corporations. The validity of this concept is equally applicable to small businesses as well and they can benefit in following ways with transparent communications:

  • Trouble Shooting. One of the most important applications of transparent communications manifests itself in the timely reporting of problems brewing under the surface. When there is an established and transparent communication mechanism existing in your organization, then you would be a more informed and aware manager.
  • Timely Solutions. Transparent communication result in feedback from all tiers of the business and collective wisdom. Having a consolidated input would help you in timely decision making and devising smarter solutions.
  • Feeling of ownership at all levels. One of our greatest achievements in running a business can be the generation of a feeling in your workforce of owning the business as a stakeholder. Nothing can make it happen more effectively than transparent communication where each employee within your workforce knows and feels that he or she is being heard and her input and contribution is valued.
  • An atmosphere of organizational justice and well bein Transparent communications help you in finding the HR related trouble spots and bottlenecks. Disputes and frictions on a personal level are reported well in time and you are better places to resolve them before they can have grave and longer lasting implications. The employees also feel protected against any managerial excesses and mishandling. That translates into business
  • Building and strengthening of relationships. There is nothing better than your workforce getting along with each other in the most cordial manner. Nothing contributes more to building relationships within the workforce than transparent communication since it eliminates any chances of confusions, built up grudges and muted ill feelings at all levels.
  • Clarity in policy and value understanding by all stakeholders. Transparent communications would bring in clarity for all stakeholders to understand the business policies, core values, objectives, workplaces ethics and objectives to be achieved.

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