Communication in difficult circumstances- the top 8 tips

Being part of the business world, you would know that communicating in the right manner and at the right time is extremely important. Miscommunication might lead to a lot of problems in the future and you might end up losing a big deal. Some of the best 8 tips that you need to have in your mind while communicating while dealing with your employees in the business world are:

  • Plan it out: – In a difficult situation, you might not know how to communicate to the other person and might lose the plot. Therefore, it is important that you plan out the conversation in your head when you speak with your peers or the subordinates. Even if any incident has happened and you need to communicate with the other people immediately, you are advised to first plan out the conversation and then converse with others. 
  • Shield your emotions: When it comes to communicating with others in a difficult circumstance, it is important for you to shield your emotions while communicating. You need to be calm and composed while talking as this is the main characteristic of a successful person.
  • Manage the resistance: Whenever you try to communicate with your employees about any potential change, you will always have to deal with resistance. This is why it is necessary to point out all the positive sides of the change rather than the negative ones in order to minimise the intensity of the resistance.
  • Assertive yet empathetic: Even though you need to manage the resistance whenever you communicate about some drastic change, yet you have to be assertive whenever you need to. Being assertive is required whenever you need to ensure that your point of view reaches the other person just the way you want to. However, always being assertive would worsen the situation and showing some level of empathy at times is necessary.
  • Use the nonverbal communication: Whenever it comes to dealing with the difficult situations, using the nonverbal actions come in handy. Most of the times, even the actions are more effective than the words and help you cope with the problematic matters.
  • Know your audience: When it comes to dealing with the difficult situation through communication, always make sure that you know who your audience is. Choosing the right words when it comes to communicating is the main key of making the chat effective. While talking to the audience, you need to know the capacity of the audience.
  • Have some solutions in your mind: Whenever you are about to deliver a bad news, you need to know the solution of the problem that has arisen. While communicating the bad news, you also need to communicate some solutions that might help in the situation. This would help in relaxing the audience and they would be able to think properly and come up with better options.
  • Be realistic yet optimistic: Whenever there is a bad news, you need to convey it in the most positive manner ever. However, you also need to ensure that you point out all the difficulties that will arise because of the problem. Being realistic is important no matter how hard the problem may be.