What to give your employees this Christmas – the significance of giving when it comes to employee engagement

The Employer/ employee relationship is a strange bond of mutual and conflicting interests simultaneously. To strike the right balance is critical for any employer since an employee is a vital part of any business’s success story. A clear approach of an employer towards employee rewards is logical and sensible. Besides the usual system of promotions and bonuses, a well-placed gift at an appropriate time works wonders in creating a better performing employee.

And there is no better occasion than Christmas for an employer gift offering. Though cash speaks louder than words, giving gifts rather than cash is a way to foster a personal relationship. What you decide to give your employees this Christmas is a matter of preference and budget.

Here are a few nice ideas (within reasonable budget) to help you decide:

  • Books

Traditionally books aren’t considered the most valued gift in the world and you won’t score very high with your “not so literary” employees but the “book worms” would love you for that. Giving a meaningful book to a well directed employee (on a subject of liking) is a very appropriate idea. If the employee prefers Audible (https://www.audible.com.au) perhaps a gift voucher instead

  • Venue Vouchers and Certificates

Giving out passes to bowling alleys or movies can keep your employee’s kids occupied and allow them time to spend with their partners. You can pair these up with some interesting additional items, like a tin of kettle corn popcorn or to go with your gift vouchers. Have a look at Gift Card Store – (https://www.giftcardstore.com.au/)

  • Edible Arrangements

 A beautiful fruit basket of fresh pineapple, strawberries, and honeydew (besides other exotic fruits) can make a wonderful and healthy gift for your employees. Throw in a liquid chocolate bottle for some interesting fruit dips. (https://www.edibleblooms.com.au/category/christmas-gifts/

  • Bath & Body Accessories Sets

One of the most popular gifts is the body and bath accessories that will make their mark with overwhelming sweet scent and presentation. They may not be just shower gels and fragrances; a set of hand lotions and creams can be cool to brave the chilly elements on Christmas eve. A couple of hand sanitizers can also add up as a handy desk accessory on your employee desk.

  • A bottle of Wine

Perhaps most customary of all is a golden wrapped bottle of fine wine to celebrate the occasion. It won’t ever lose its charm. So, you can confidently pack it up as your Christmas employee gift.

  • Host a dinner at your home (for smaller employers)

When it comes to delivering a personal touch, nothing would beat a dinner at your home for your team. It doesn’t need to be anything overwhelmingly fancy or expensive. Bringing the team together in itself for an evening of casual interaction and conversation can be a great way of bonding your team. Make some candy packages to give away at the end as a sweet gesture.

  •     A fun filled field trip.

This is something memorable and you can add it to your company webpage and profile as well. Your employees would appreciate a free lunch and all paid recreation as a Christmas gift. It will pay off in the short and long term alike.

  • A desktop candy jar

Sweet leaves longer impressions on human brain. Exploit the potential of sweet with a desktop candy jar. An employee will always remember “the last Christmas” every time he or she will pick a candy. 

  • Cash- nothing beats it on a special day

Cash is known to be the best gift ever. It has more options for you employee than you can imagine and it takes off the trouble of choosing the right gift from your head as well. You can play smart by scheduling your annual bonus around Christmas (with some decent add up as a Christmas give away).