Christmas is coming, let’s have a party! 

Christmas Party Past

Maybe you can remember a particularly good staff Christmas Party of yesteryear.   If you believe all the stories people tell you, they could be anything from deadly dull to completely wild and abandoned!   In our experience, we have heard more memories of the fun and frivolous type.

The fancy dress party was always popular. Years ago, it was common to see red Santa figures replete with bushy white beard, green elven folk with tights and jingling hats, and Christmas fairies, with sparkling wands, all converging on the streets at night trying to flag a cab to get home – to the great amusement of passers-by.    Later, these parties became more sophisticated but no less creative.  Long cigarette holders, strings of beads, painted nails, and flapper dresses, for the 20s style costume party was a favourite fancy-dress theme as was the American gangster look of the prohibition era. Even later, with social media and virtual reality upon us, celebrity costumes took centre stage, and remain popular now.

Sadly, many Christmas parties also had a few down sides: of drunkenness – causing driving accidents and tragedy; of debauchery – ending in sexual harassment and molestation; of lairiness – leading to aggression and physical assaults on others.

Fresh HR Insights takes the view that such behaviour spoils parties, and causes great harm.  Any business, large or small, must reinforce their own policies and practices as a matter of responsibility for the protection and safety of the work force.

Christmas Party Present

Currently staff parties at Christmas time are to extend well earned celebrations to hard working staff and to cultivate good relationships between employees. They are also a thank you to all those who contribute to the company’s output and to a positive work environment.

There is fun a-plenty.  Large stylish functions are just as good as more intimate dinners in local restaurants. Dancing and singing along with a DJ is just as enjoyable as a live band.   An evening soirée with cocktails does the job just as well as a beer and burgers get together on the terrace.  Good conversation, interesting storytelling, superb wine and fabulous entertainment are the elements of a good staff party at Christmas time, and many staff thoroughly appreciate and enjoy them.

Fresh HR Insights gently reminds all its clients and any potential future clients that a great party is when all people at the party enjoy themselves.  Great fun can be had without drunkenness, debauchery or lairiness.  Staff Christmas parties are for those who wish for conviviality, good work relationships, fun, frivolity, good food and wine, and most especially good cheer.

Christmas Party Future

This one is really simple.  Please make sure there will be a Christmas Party Future. Fresh HR Insights wants all of its clients, staff, friends and family to be safe and secure this Christmas and every Christmas.  At your party, please be aware of the law and ensure your staff are aware of it, ensure there is no bullying, promote respect for each other and ask staff to look out for each other’s safety.  Above all, make sure they have fun and enjoy the parties that are yet to come.

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