5 biggest challenges small business owners face when employing people and how you can resolve them

Challenges when employing people

Challenges when employing people

If you happen to be a Gold Coast small business or planning to hire people in capacity of a small employer on the Gold Coast then you have a specific set of challenges to overcome. The challenges can be extremely varied depending upon the nature of the small business but still there are certain challenges which are common to small employers on the Gold Coast.

Here is a list of 5 such greatest challenges when employing people as a small business on the Gold Coast. You are not alone when facing these and we have some recommended solutions:


With the warming of global economic situation many businesses are expanding swiftly with the need for quality manpower ever on rise. The demand is so overwhelming that most small businesses are unable to cope up with the requirement.

The Way out: This is time for small businesses on the Gold Coast to examine their recruitment tools, especially the employee hiring policies and update their software. Employers must spend some extra time to update candidates’ information into their data base after speaking with managers for specific requirements of particular positions.

Recruitment can be time consuming ‚ ¨ on average we have calculated that as a small business owner you will spend 42 hours of your time recruiting. We have a solution (Find out more here)


Most small business on the Gold Coast are perpetually short of funds to invest in employing mechanism for their business. In certain cases there isn’t even enough on offer in terms of salary packages to offer to top candidates.

The Way out: it not be possible for small businesses to expand their budgets but there are some great free job posting options available within social media like LinkedIn where small business employers can publicise open positions free of charges. You can also use Facebook and Gumtree to recruit for employee’s. The quality of the applicant can vary and it can become time-consuming, as we mentioned above.


This is an all-too-common problem for a small business owner on the Gold Coast and the situation is getting worse with bigger businesses offering more attractive packages to top candidates. Often small business owners find themselves stuck when they don’t receive resumes from candidates with strong backgrounds or skills their required position.

The Way out: The best solution is “to strike a great balance between hiring someone for position-need versus hiring someone that’s great regardless of position.” Small business owners must get out of the mindset of hiring for a position rather than looking for superstar talent. What small business owners must concentrate on is to hire cheaper raw talent and then train and educate raw talented workers to acquire needed skills. If you can add value to your workplace in terms of respect, happiness, opportunity and flexibility then you have a great chance of standing above the bigger businesses. One way you can do this is to ensure all your processes are streamline and expectations are clear.


Most small businesses lack the resources to employ or deploy sophisticated mechanism to analyze the job requirement as effectively as some of their bigger competitors. What so ever data they have on their hands is either too less or the small business lack the technical ability to analyze.

The Way out: Small business owners can work with data analysis experts or HR solution providers such as Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd, to understand data how they can harness the data. Small business owners can use cheat sheets to have an understanding of how hiring information can be used in future.


It is usual for small businesses to complete the head count rather than opting for quality workers (which obviously are expensive to hire). This is done to fill in all the positions while remaining within the budget. But it can have negative consequences both financially and in terms of workplace conflict and productivity.

The Way Out. A smarter approach can be to carry out your business reappraisal and reduce the number to positions to what is most critical. The budget thus saved can be used to hire better quality workforce which is usually double in productivity. If you increase the happiness in the workplace you will increase the productivity.

Fresh HR insights Pty Ltd is working with Small to Medium businesses as their workplace happiness specialist. Call us today for a no obligation chat and find out how 2016 can be the year that you slam all your targets and love work again.