Before we dive into why workplace productivity matters and the top tips for increasing it, let’s go back to the 1990s and early 2000s ― a golden era for productivity growth in Australia. During this period, it was climbing at an impressive rate of over 2% per year. However, if we fast forward to the present, we find ourselves facing a different scenario. Over the past decade, Australian productivity growth has settled at 1.2% per year, experiencing a notable slowdown.

This shift in productivity is far from being a mere statistical fluctuation ― it shapes the economic landscape at both the national and corporate levels.

Why does productivity matter?

On a nationwide scale, the growth or decline of productivity is the cornerstone of economic prosperity, with far-reaching consequences, including job creation, wage growth, and overall financial well-being. It’s no surprise, then, that reigniting productivity growth is among the Australian government’s strategic imperatives, as underscored in the recently released “The Working Future” white paper.

 Regarding the corporate perspective, productivity growth contributes to increased revenue, cost savings, and profitability, positioning it as a primary driver of business success.

So, there’s more than one good reason to invest in workplace productivity growth within your company. It helps your organisation thrive and prosper and plays a vital role in helping the country reach its past levels of productivity. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best tips for increasing this essential parameter.

Increase your workplace productivity with these actionable tips

Set meaningful workplace productivity strategies and goals

Research reveals that, on average, 95% of employees lack awareness or a clear understanding of their company’s strategy. Therefore, just coming up with a great workplace productivity (or any other) strategy and goals isn’t enough. You have to ensure everyone in the organisation fully understands the company’s aims and finds them meaningful.

The most effective approach to attain this is by actively involving your teams in the strategy and goal-setting processes. Engage employees in open discussions about the company’s productivity growth strategic direction and encourage them to contribute their ideas. Additionally, enable your teams to define their KPIs and establish individual SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals to align with their aspirations and broader organisational objectives.


Provide ongoing training

Promoting ongoing training and upskilling for employees is crucial for boosting workplace productivity. Your workforce is your most valuable asset, and investing in their skills directly leads to better and faster performance and, inevitably ― increased productivity.

Moreover, training motivates employees, making them more committed to their tasks. This, in turn, boosts employee retention and enhances your organization’s reputation too.

Invest in technology

To thrive, your teams need to keep up with modern technologies. Luckily, nowadays, there’s a plethora of affordable advanced technologies, ranging from AI software solutions such as ChatGPT to cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud.

However, it’s crucial to avoid overwhelming your employees with too many technologies, as this can result in missed notifications or confusion caused by frequent changes in apps or devices.

The solution?

Integrate technologies. This can significantly boost your workplace productivity as it reduces information overload. Instead of using multiple applications for various tasks like project management, communication, and data analysis, your employees can streamline their work using a single app or integrated system capable of efficiently handling multiple tasks (e.g. Slack, Trello, or Microsoft Teams).

Promote workplace wellness

Happy and healthy employees are more productive and engaged. And the best way to have such a workforce is to promote workplace wellness. This involves a range of activities and initiatives aimed at enhancing employee health, encouraging positive behaviours, and supporting their physical, mental, social, and financial well-being.

To achieve this, consider implementing wellness programs and practices such as:

  • Encourage regular breaks and exercise to support employees’ overall health.
  • Cultivate a supportive and inclusive work environment.
  • Celebrate and reward your employees’ accomplishments and contributions.

Explore this article for more in-depth insights and strategies for integrating wellness into the workplace.

Improve employee engagement and innovation

Engaged employees tend to be more productive, and when they have opportunities to express their ideas and innovate, productivity soars even higher. So, how can you blend these essential factors ― engagement and innovation ― to boost workplace productivity?

The ideal approach is creating an environment that leverages healthy competition to fuel innovation and engagement. In other words, cultivate a culture of friendly competition and ambition among your employees within a competitive yet collaborative workspace. This way, you empower employees to excel individually while also ensuring their efforts contribute to overall workplace productivity.

Here are some practical tips for establishing a competitive yet collaborative work environment:

  • Provide opportunities for career development.
  • Organize cross-functional team collaborations.
  • Hold innovation challenges or contests.

Workplace productivity equals business success

It’s a simple equation: the higher the productivity in the workplace, the more work gets accomplished in less time, leading to better results and increased profitability for your business.

The above tips will undoubtedly help you apply this equation to your workplace productivity.

And, if you need assistance crafting an effective workplace productivity strategy that aligns with your needs and contributes to the nation’s well-being, Fresh HR Insights’ experts are here for you. Feel free to contact us and discover how we can help you increase productivity and elevate your success.