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How to beat the hangover from the New Year celebrations and get back into the working week again

Beat the hangover - New Year celebrations

Beat the hangover – New Year celebrations

The month of December is nearing its end and soon this year will also slip away from the calendars of the world. “Beat the hangover – New Year celebrations”. Christmas will fill the shopping theme and would soon be followed by the New-year Eve. Every year people round the world would drink, dance and party to celebrate the Christmas closely followed by New Year. That is almost a week full of joy and merrymaking. So far! So good. The hard part is shunning that hangover and getting back to work.

Beat the hangover – New Year celebrations

There are many things that you can do to make sure that your New Year’s hangover doesn’t get to you and leave you with a decent face to get back to work once the holidays come to an end. Here is a list of things that you can do before and after the New Years Eve to make yourself feel better in the days that succeed the 1st of January:

Things to do before New Year Eve:

This part of the cure consists mainly on preventive basis and relate to eating and drinking.

  • Use of Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is found in green vegetables such as spinach and meat items such as Turkey and beef. This is known to dilute the chemical concentration in our body and make the existence of alcohol more soluble for the liver to process.
  • Drinking of water: This can help both before and after the intake of alcohol as it dilutes the concentration of the beverages consumed and help get over the dehydration that the intake of alcohol causes. Dehydration is the major cause of the feeling of grumpiness and tiredness that a body feels after drinking a lot.
  • Eating a lot: Studies have shown that eating daintily before drinking alcohol can reduce its effect. With food taking the most of your digestive system the process of the absorption of alcohol becomes slow.
  • Eating bananas: As bananas are healthy food containing B6 vitamin and heavy amounts of potassium the presence of which helps the body recover from the effects of heavy drinking.

So much so for the preventive measures, here’s what you got to do after the party ends:

Things to do after New Year Eve:

  • Soft drinks: Some soft drinks (such as sprite and seven up) contain lime which is beneficial for emulsifying the liquor. It breaks down the grogginess and reduces the time period of the hangover.
  • A light breakfast: A lot of eating before the ordeal does not mean the same method will help you afterwards as well. Some toasted bread and cereal would work just fine to deal with the situation. Ginger tea will also prove useful.
  • Sleep: As a supplement to all the measures and remedies, the real cure of hangovers some good sound sleep. The genuine tiredness and the dizzy feeling would vanish with some decent time on bed.
  • Exercise: Aw man! Not on the first of January! Yes on the first of January if you want your body to be healed well enough by the time you join work (a few days later). It will help increase your metabolic rate and the digestive effectiveness. No we are not advising you to do push ups with one eye open. A simple walk or morning jog would be just fine.