Hiring is one of the trickiest of the management functions that a manager or owner looking at recruiting on the Gold Coast can face. When we call it “a tricky management function” then it is based on a number of logics. A bad employment decision can haunt you for a long time with an under performing employee or under worse circumstances, a badly performing employee that is creating a toxic work environment and reducing productivity. In any case, you would have to fire and find a replacement (another headache).

The smartest solution remains in conducting a serious background check about your potential employees for finding star employees.

Background checking is trending and 7 out of 10 modern businesses are conducting background checks on their potential employees as their recruitment strategies. So if you happen to consider the recruitment and Fairwork, a hand in glove deal, then you are in the right place reading this article. How deep you indulge into a background check is a matter of your business recruitment strategy, but it is sensible to draw a line of “Do’s and Don’ts” in your employee background checking. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts for your ease:


It is a usual tendency to only look for a criminal record during the background check. Though, it is undeniably a major tool to ascertain the suitability of any potential employee during recruitment on the Gold Coast, but your check must be more broad based and thorough (including educational qualification, past employment history, social media reputation etc). It is easy with modern technology to create authentic looking qualifications, check they are real and also check the background of online courses and the provider credentials, pass rates and recommendations. There are many “tick and flick” qualifications around that do not transfer to working place skills.

Background checks should be uniform and consistent for all candidates as a matter of your recruitment strategies. You may be charged with discriminatory policies if you fail to implement uniform background checks for a particular position within your business. Always keep notes and what you do for one do for all.

Make it an essential ingredient of your recruitment strategies to directly interact with the potential employee to clear any ambiguity that may arise during background checks. This would rule out any possibility of wrongly reported facts. If you are unsure seek to find out more from the prospective employee.

Please ensure that your company has a defined background check recruitment strategy/policy that is consistent with the privacy rights of the potential employees and laws of the land. Advise the prospective employee that you will be completing background checks and get their permission to do so. Make a note of when you asked and the time and date of agreement/ permission.


Don’t consider any position too trivial for an employee background check during recruitment. Recruitment and Fairwork principles demand that you hire the workforce that is worthy and honest.

Don’t be ignorant in informing your potential employees about your background check policy at the pre recruitment stage. With due information to potential employees, you would be legally covered in accessing their personal data for background check purpose.

Don’t buy the potential employee credentials on the face value without a proper background check. Online availability of verifiable personal data makes your job easier. Too much reliance of the personal data available on the social media must be avoided even if you have to hire a professional background check service

Don’t look for only the negative feedback, seek the complete picture. A minor negative may be overruled by a set of positive points and you may get a great worker with a minor negative that can be cancelled out in the long run.

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